Trademark Class 8: Hand Tools and Implements

  • Hand tools and implements (hand-operated)
  • cutlery
  • side arms
  • razors

Explanatory Note Class 8 includes mainly hand-operated implements used as tools in the respective professions.

This Class includes, in particular:
– cutlery of precious metals.
– electric razors and clippers (hand instruments).

This Class does not include, in particular:
– certain special instruments (consult the Alphabetical List of Goods).
– machine tools and implements driven by a motor (Cl. 7).
– surgical cutlery (Cl. l0).
– paper knives (Cl. 16).
– fencing weapons (Cl. 28).

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1Abrading instruments [hand instruments]
2Adzes [tools]
3Agricultural implements [hand- operated]
4Annular screw plates Arms (Side --- )
5Atomizers (Insecticide --- ) [hand tools]
6Augers [hand tools] Awls
8Bars (Cutting --- )
10Beard clippers
11Bellows (Fireplace --- ) [hand tools] Belts (Tool --- ) [holders]
13Bits [hand tools]
14Bits [parts of hand tools] Blade sharpening instruments Blades for planes
15Blades [hand tools] Blades [weapons] Bludgeons
16Border shears Borers
17Bow saws
18Braiders [hand tools] Branding irons Breast drills
19Budding knives Bushhammers
20Butchers’ animals (Skinning appliances and instruments for --- )
21Can openers, non-electric
22Carpenters’ augers
23Cases (Razor --- )
24Cattle marking tools Cattle shearers
25Cattle skinning instruments Cattle stunning appliances Caulking irons
26Centre punches [hand tools] Cheese slicers [non-electric] Chisels
27Choppers [knives]
28Clamps [for carpenters or coopers] Cleavers
29Crimping irons Crow bars
30Curlers (Eyelash --- ) Curling tongs Cuticle nippers Cuticle tweezers
31Cutlery *
32Cutter bars Cutters *
33Cutters (Pizza --- ) [non-electric]
34Cutting bars
35Cutting tools [hand tools] Daggers
36Decanting liquids (Implements for --- ) [hand tools]
37Depilation appliances, electric and non-electric
38Destructing apparatus for plant parasites
39Diamonds (Glaziers’ --- ) [parts of hand tools]
40Dies [hand tools] Diggers [hand tools]
41Ditchers [hand tools]
42Drawing knives
43Drill holders [hand tools] Drills
44Ear-piercing apparatus
45Earth rammers [hand tools]
46Edge tools [hand tools]
47Egg slicers [non-electric]
48Embossers [hand tools]
49Emery grinding wheels
50Engraving needles
51Expanders [hand tools]
52Extension pieces for braces for screwtaps
53Extractors (Nail --- ) Eyelash curlers Farriers’ knives Files [tools]
54Fingernail polishers [electric or non- electric]
55Fire irons
56Fireplace bellows [hand tools] Fishing (Harpoons for --- )
57Flat irons [non-electric] Fleshing knives [hand tools] Forks
58Foundry ladles [hand tools] Frames for handsaws
59Fruit pickers [hand tools] Fullers [hand tools] Fulling tools [hand tools]
60Garden tools [hand-operated] Gimlets [hand tools]
61Glaziers’ diamonds [parts of hand tools]
62Glazing irons Goffering irons Gouges [hand tools]
63Grafting tools [hand tools]
64Graving tools [hand tools] Grinding wheels (Emery --- )
65Grindstones [hand tools] Guns [hand tools]
66Guns, hand-operated, for the extrusion of mastics
67Hackles [hand tools] Hainault scythes
68Hair clippers for animals [hand instruments]
69Hair clippers for personal use [electric and non-electric]
70Hair curling (Hand implements for --- ) non-electric
71Hair-removing tweezers Hand drills [hand tools]
72Hammer sharpeners Hammers [hand tools]
73Hand pumps*
74Hand tools, hand-operated Harpoons
75Harpoons for fishing Hatchets
76Hoes [hand tools] Holing axes
77Hollowing bits [parts of hand tools] Hoop cutters [hand tools]
78Hunting knives Ice picks
79Insecticide atomizers [hand tools] Insecticide sprayers [hand tools] Insecticide vaporizers [hand tools]
80Irons [non-electric hand tools]
81Jacks (Lifting --- ), hand-operated
83Knife steels Knives * Knuckle dusters
84Ladles [hand tools]
85Lasts [shoemakers’ hand tools]
86Lawn clippers [hand instruments]
87Leather strops
89Lifting jacks, hand-operated Livestock marking tools Machetes
90Mallets [hand instruments] Manicure sets
91Manicure sets, electric Marline spikes Masons’ hammers
92Mastics (Guns, hand-operated, for the extrusion of --- )
94Meat choppers [hand tools]
95Metal band stretchers [hand tools] Milling cutters [hand tools]
96Mincing knives [hand tools]
97Mitre [Miter (Am.)] boxes [hand tools]
98Molding irons
99Money scoops Mortars for pounding Mortise axes
100Mortise chisels Moulding irons
101Nail buffers [electric or non-electric] Nail clippers [electric or non-electric]
102Nail drawers [hand tools] Nail extractors
103Nail files
104Nail files, electric Nail nippers
105Nail punches Needle files Needle-threaders
107Numbering punches
108Nutcrackers, not of precious metal
109Oyster openers
110Palette knives
111Paring irons [hand tools] Paring knives
112Pedicure sets Penknives
113Perforating tools [hand tools] Pestles for pounding Pickaxes
114Pickhammers Picks [hand tools]
115Piercing apparatus (Ear --- ) Pin punches
117Pizza cutters [non-electric] Plane irons
119Plant parasite killing apparatus Pliers
120Police batons
121Polishing irons [glazing tools] Priming irons [hand tools] Pruning knives
122Pruning scissors Pruning shears Pumps (Hand --- )*
123Punch pliers [hand tools] Punch rings [knuckle dusters] Punches [hand tools]
124 Rabbeting planes
125Rakes [hand tools] Rakes (Sand trap --- )
126Rammers (Earth --- ) [hand tools] Rammers [hand tools]
127Rams [hand tools] Rasps [hand tools] Ratchets [hand tools]
128Razor blades
129Razor cases Razor strops
130Razors, electric or non-electric
131Reamer sockets
133Riveters [hand tools]
134Riveting hammers [hand tools] Sabres
135Sand trap rakes
136Saw blades [parts of hand tools] Saw holders
137Saws [hand tools] Scabbards (Sword --- ) Scaling knives Scissors *
138Scrapers [hand tools]
139Scraping tools [hand tools]
140Screw stocks [hand tools]
141Screw taps (Extension pieces for braces for --- )
143Screw-thread cutters [hand tools] Scythe rings
144Scythe stones Scythes Secateurs
145Sharpening instruments Sharpening steels Sharpening stones
146Sharpening wheels [hand tools]
147Shaving cases
148Shear blades
149Shearers [hand instruments] Shears
150Shovels [hand tools] Sickles
151Side arms, other than firearms Silver plate [knives, forks and spoons]
152Skinning animals (Instruments and tools for --- )
153Skinning appliances and instruments for butchers’ animals
154Slaughtering butchers’ animals (Appliances and instruments for --- )
156Slicers (Cheese --- ) [non-electric] Slicers (Egg --- ) [non-electric]
157Spades [hand tools]
158Spanners [hand tools] Spatulas [hand tools] Spoons *
159Sprayers (Insecticide --- ) [hand tools]
160Squares [hand tools]
161Stamping-out tools [hand tools] Stamps [hand tools]
162Stone hammers Stones (Sharpening --- )
163Stretchers for wire and metal bands [hand tools]
164Stropping instruments Stunning apparatus (Cattle --- )
165Sugar tongs
166Sword scabbards Swords
167Syringes for spraying insecticides Table cutlery [knives, forks and spoons]
168Table forks
169Tableware [knives, forks and spoons]
170Tap wrenches Taps [hand tools]
171Thistle extirpators [hand tools] Threaders
172Tickets (Instruments for punching --- )
173Tin openers, non-electric Tongs
174Tool belts [holders] Tree pruners Trowels
175Trowels [gardening] Truncheons
176Tube cutters [hand tools] Tube cutting instruments Tweezers
177Vaporizers (Insecticide --- ) [hand tools]
178Vegetable choppers Vegetable knives Vegetable shredders Vegetable slicers Vices
179Weeding forks [hand tools]
180Wheels (Sharpening --- ) [hand tools]
181Whetstone holders
183Wick trimmers [scissors] Wine (Ladles for --- )
184Wire stretchers [hand tools] Wrenches [hand tools]