Trademark Class 7: Machines and Machine Tools

  • Machines and machine tools
  • motors and engines (except for land vehicles)
  • machine coupling and transmission components (except for land vehicles)
  • agricultural implements other than hand-operated
  • incubators for eggs.

Explanatory Note: Class 7 includes mainly machines, machine tools, motors and engines.

This Class includes, in particular:
– parts of motors and engines (of all kinds).
– electric cleaning machines and apparatus.

This Class does not include, in particular:
– certain special machines and machine tools (consult the Alphabetical List of Goods).
– hand tools and implements, hand-operated (Cl. 8).
– motors and engines for land vehicles (Cl. 12).

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1Acetylene cleaning apparatus
2Adhesive bands for pulleys Adhesive tape dispensers [machines]
3Aerated beverages making machines
4Aerated water making apparatus Aerating pumps for aquaria Aerators
5Aerocondensers Aeronautical engines Aeroplane engines Agitators
6Agricultural elevators
7Agricultural implements other than hand-operated
8Agricultural machines
9Air brushes for applying colour
10Air condensers
11Air cushion devices for moving loads
12Air cushion vehicles (Engines for --- )
13Air pumps [garage installations]
14Air suction machines Alternators
15Anti-friction bearings for machines
16Anti-friction pads for machines
17Anti-pollution devices for motors and engines
18Aprons [parts of machines] Aquaria (Aerating pumps for --- )
19Atomisers [machines]
20Automatic grapnels for marine purposes
21Axles for machines
22Bags (Vacuum cleaner --- ) Ball rings for bearings Ball-bearings
23Bands (Adhesive --- ) for pulleys Bearing brackets for machines
24Bearings (Ball rings for --- ) Bearings for transmission shafts Bearings [parts of machines]
25Beaters, electric Beating machines
26Beer (Apparatus for drawing up - under pressure)
27Beer pumps Bellows [machines]
28Belt conveyors Belts (Dynamo --- ) Belts for conveyors Belts for machines
29Belts for motors and engines Bending machines
30Beverage preparation machines, electromechanical
31Bicycle assembling machines Bicycle dynamos
32Binding apparatus for hay Bitumen making machines
33Blade holders [parts of machines] Blade sharpening [stropping] machines
34Blades (Chaff cutter --- ) Blades [parts of machines]
35Blenders, electric, for household purposes
36Blowing engines
37Blowing machines for exhaustion of dust, etc.
38Blowing machines for the compression, exhaustion and transport of gases
39Blowing machines for the compression, sucking and carrying of grain
40Boats (Engines for --- ) Boats (Motors for --- )
41Bobbins for weaving looms
42Boiler scale collectors (Machine --- ) Boiler tubes [parts of machines]
43Bookbinding apparatus and machines for industrial purposes
44Borers (Mine --- )
45Bottle capping machines Bottle filling machines
46Bottle sealing machines Bottle stoppering machines
47Bottle washing machines Boxes for matrices [printing]
48Brackets (Bearing --- ) for machines Braiding machines
49Brake linings other than for vehicles Brake segments other than for vehicles
50Brake shoes other than for vehicles Bread cutting machines
51Brewing machines Bridges (Roller --- ) Brushes (Dynamo --- )
52Brushes, electrically operated Brushes [parts of machines] Bulldozers
53Butter machines Calenders
54Can openers, electric Capstans
55Carbon brushes [electricity] Carburetter feeders Carburetters
56Card clothing [parts of carding machines]
57Carding machines
58Carpet shampooing (Machines and apparatus for --- ) [electric]
59Carriage aprons
60Carriages for knitting machines Cartridges for filtering machines Catalytic converters
61Central vacuum cleaning installations
62Centrifugal machines Centrifugal mills Centrifugal pumps Centrifuges [machines]
63Chaff cutter blades Chaff cutters
64Chain saws
65Chains (Driving --- ) other than for land vehicles
66Chisels for machines Chucks [parts of machines] Churns
67Cigarette machines for industrial purposes
68Cinder sifters [machines]
69Clack valves [parts of machines]
70Cleaning apparatus (Acetylene --- ) Cleaning appliances utilizing steam
71Cleaning (Machines and apparatus for --- ) [electric]
72Clippers [machines]
73Clutches other than for land vehicles
74Coalcutting machines
75Coffee grinders, other than hand- operated
76Coin-operated washing machines
77Collectors (Machine boiler scale --- )
78Colour (Air brushes for applying --- ) Colour-washing machines
79Compressed air engines Compressed air guns for the extrusion of mastics
80Compressed air machines Compressed air pumps Compressors for refrigerators Compressors [machines]
81Concrete mixers [machines]
82Condensers [steam] [parts of machines]
83Condensing installations Connecting rods for machines,
84motors and engines
85Control cables for machines, engines or motors
86Control mechanisms for machines, engines or motors
87Controls (Hydraulic --- ) for machines, motors and engines
88Controls (Pneumatic --- ) for machines, motors and engines
89Conversion apparatus (Fuel --- ) for internal combustion engines
90Converters for steel works Conveyors [machines] Cord making machines Corn husking machines
91Couplings other than for land vehicles
92Cowlings [parts of machines]
93Cranes [lifting and hoisting apparatus]
94Crank shafts
95Crankcases for machines, motors and engines
96Cranks [parts of machines]
97Cream/milk separators
98Crushers/grinders, electric (Domestic --- )
99Crushing machines Cultivators [machines] Cultivators (Motorized --- )
100Current generators
101Curtain drawing devices, electrically operated
102Cutters [machines]
103Cutting blow pipes, gas-operated Cutting machines
104Cylinder heads for engines Cylinders for machines
105Cylinders for motors and engines Cylinders (Pistons for --- )
106Dairy machines Darning machines
107Dashpot plungers [parts of machines]
108De-aerators for feedwater Degreasers [machines] Derricks
109Diaphragms (Pump --- )
110Die-cutting and tapping machines Die-stamping machines
111Diggers [machines] Dishwashers Disintegrators
112Disposals (Garbage [waste] --- ) Ditchers [ploughs]
113Dividing machines
114Door openers and closers (Hydraulic --- ) [parts of machines]
115Door openers and closers (Pneumatic --- ) [parts of machines]
116Drain cocks Drainage machines
117Dressing (Apparatus for --- ) Drill chucks [parts of machines] Drilling bits [parts of machines]
118Drilling heads [parts of machines]
119Drilling machines
120Drilling rigs [floating or non-floating] Drills (Electric hand --- )
121Drives (Pedal --- ) for sewing machines
122Driving chains other than for land vehicles
123Driving motors other than for land vehicles
124Drums [parts of machines]
125Drying machines
126Dust exhausting installations for cleaning purposes
127Dust removing installations for cleaning purposes
128Dyeing machines Dynamo belts Dynamo brushes Dynamos
129Earth moving machines
130Edible pastes making machines Ejectors
131Electric hammers
132Electromechanical machines for chemical industry
133Elevating apparatus Elevator belts
134Elevator chains [parts of machines] Elevators [lifts]
135Embossing machines Emergency power generators Engines for boats
136Engines, other than for land vehicles
137Engraving machines
140Exhausts for motors and engines
141Expansion tanks [parts of machines]
142Extractors for mines
143Fan belts for motors and engines Fans for motors and engines
144Fans for the compression, sucking and carrying of grain
145Feeders (Mechanized livestock --- ) Feeders [parts of machines]
146Feeding apparatus for engine boilers
147Feedwater regulators Filling machines Filter presses Filtering machines
148Filters for cleaning cooling air [for engines]
149Filters [parts of machines or engines]
150Finishing machines Fittings for engine boilers Fleshing machines
151Flour mill machines
152Flour mills
153Flues for engine boilers
154Fly-wheels (Machine --- )
155Fodder presses
156Food preparation machines, electromechanical
157Food processors [electric] Forge bellows
158Foundry machines
159Freewheels other than for land vehicles
160Friezing machines
161Fruit presses, electric, for household purposes
162Fuel conversion apparatus for internal combustion engines
163Fuel economisers for motors and engines
164Garbage disposals
165Gases (Blowing machines for the compression, exhaustion and transport of --- )
167Gear boxes other than for land vehicles
168Gears for weaving looms
169Gears, other than for land vehicles Generators (Current --- ) Generators of electricity
170Glass working machines Glaziers’ diamonds [parts of machines]
171Glow plugs for Diesel engines
172Glue guns, electric
173Grain (Blowing machines or fans for the compression, sucking and carrying of --- )
174Grain husking machines Grain separators
175Grapnels (Automatic --- ) for marine purposes
176Grating machines for vegetables Grease boxes [parts of machines] Grease rings [parts of machines]
177Grinders/crushers, electric, for household purposes
178Grinding machines
179Grindstones [parts of machines] Guards [parts of machines]
180Guides for machines
181Guns (Glue --- ), electric Guns (Spray --- ) for paint
182Guns [tools using explosives]
183Hair clipping machines for animals Hair cutting machines for animals
184Hammers [parts of machines] Hammers (Pneumatic --- )
185Hand-held tools, other than hand- operated
186Handling apparatus for loading and unloading
187Handling machines, automatic [manipulators]
188Hangers [parts of machines]
190Harvesting machines Haulage apparatus [mining]
191Hauling machines (Net --- ) [fishing]
192Heat exchangers [parts of machines]
193Heel-making machines Hemming machines High pressure washers Hoists
194Holding devices for machine tools Hoods [parts of machines]
195Hoppers [mechanical discharging]
196Hosiery looms
197Housings [parts of machines]
198Husking machines (Corn and grain --- )
199Hydraulic door openers and closers [parts of machines]
200Hydraulic engines and motors Hydraulic turbines
201Igniting devices for internal combustion engines
202Igniting magnetos
203Igniting magnetos for engines Incubators for eggs
204Injectors for engines
205Inking apparatus for printing machines
206Ironing machines Jacks [machines]
207Jet engines other than for land vehicles
208Joints [parts of engines]
209Joints (Universal --- ) [Cardan joints]
210Journal boxes [parts of machines] Journals [parts of machines]
211Kick starters for motorcycles
212Kitchen machines, electric *
213Kneading machines
214Knitting machines Knives, electric
215Knives for mowing machines Knives [parts of machines] Labellers [machines]
216Lace making machines
217Lasts for shoes [parts of machines]
218Lathes [machine tools]
219Lawnmowers [machines]
220Leather paring machines Leather-working machines
221Lift belts
222Lifting apparatus
223Lifts [other than ski-lifts]
224Loading ramps
225Loom shafts Looms
226Looms [machines] Lubricating pumps
227Lubricators [parts of machines]
228Machine fly-wheels
229Machine tools Machine wheels Machine wheelwork
230Machines for the textile industry Machining (Apparatus for --- ) Mangles
231Manifold (Exhaust --- ) for engines
232Matrices (Boxes for --- ) [printing] Matrices for use in printing
233Meat choppers [machines] Meat mincers [machines]
234Mechanized livestock feeders
235Metal drawing machines
236Metalworking machines
237Milking machines
238Milking machines (Teat cups [suction cups] for --- )
239Milling machines
240Mills for household purposes [other than hand-operated]
241Mills [machines] Millstones
242Mine borers
243Mineral water making machines Mineworking machines
244Mixers [machines] Mixing machines Molding machines
245Molds [parts of machines] Mortising machines
246Motorcycles (Kick starters for --- ) Motorized cultivators
247Motors, electric, other than for land vehicles
248Motors for boats
249Motors, other than for land vehicles Moulding machines
250Moulds [parts of machines]
251Moving pavement [sidewalks]
252Moving staircases [escalators]
253Mowing and reaping machines Mowing machines (Knives for --- )
254Mud catchers and collectors [machines]
255Mufflers for motors and engines
256Net hauling machines [fishing]
257Notchers [machine tools]
258Nut-tapping machines Oil refining machines
259Openers (Can --- ), electric Openers (Tin --- ), electric
260Ore treating machines
261Packaging machines Packing machines
262Paint (Spray guns for --- )
263Painting machines
264Paper feeders [printing] Paper machines
265Papermaking machines
266Paring machines
267Parquet wax-polishers, electric
268Pedal drives for sewing machines
269Peeling machines
270Pepper mills other than hand- operated
271Piston segments Pistons for cylinders Pistons for engines
272Pistons [parts of machines or engines]
273Planing machines Plates (Printing --- ) Ploughs Ploughshares Plunger pistons
274Pneumatic door openers and closers [parts of machines]
275Pneumatic hammers Pneumatic transporters Pneumatic tube conveyors
276Polishing (Machines and apparatus for --- ) [electric]
277Potters’ wheels Power hammers Presses
278Presses [machines for industrial purposes]
279Presses (Smoothing --- ) Presses (Wine --- )
280Pressing machines [to make satin- like]
281Pressure reducers [parts of machines]
282Pressure regulators [parts of machines]
283Pressure valves [parts of machines] Printing cylinders
284Printing machines
285Printing machines for use on sheet metal
286Printing plates Printing presses
287Printing rollers for machines
288Propulsion mechanisms other than for land vehicles
289Puddling machines Pulleys *
290Pulleys (Adhesive bands for --- ) Pulleys [parts of machines]
291Pulverisers [machines] Pulverisers (Sewage --- )
292Pump diaphragms
293Pumps for heating installations Pumps [machines]
294Pumps [parts of machines, engines or motors]
295Pumps (Vacuum --- ) [machines]
296Punches for punching machines Punching machines
297Rack and pinion jacks Racket stringing machines
298Radiators [cooling] for motors and engines
299Rail-laying machines
300Railroad constructing machines
301Rakes for raking machines Raking machines
302Rammers [machines] Rams [machines] Reapers
303Reapers and binders Reapers and threshers
304Reducers (Pressure --- ) [parts of machines]
305Reduction gears other than for land vehicles
306Reeling apparatus, mechanical
307Reels for weaving looms Reels, mechanical, for flexible hoses
308Reels [parts of machines]
309Regulators [parts of machines]
310Rings (Ball --- ) for bearings Rings (Grease --- ) [parts of machines]
311Rings (Piston --- )
312Rinsing machines
313Riveting machines
314Road making machines Road rollers
315Road sweeping machines [self propelled]
316Robots [machines]
317Rods (Connecting --- ) for machines, motors and engines
318Roller bearings Roller bridges
319Rollers (Printing --- ) for machines Rolling mill cylinders
320Rolling mills
321Root slicers [machines] Rotary printing presses
322Rotary steam presses, portable, for fabrics
323Satinizing machines Sausage machines
324Saw benches [parts of machines] Saw blades [parts of machines] Saws [machines]
325Scale collectors (Machine boiler --- ) Scissors, electric
326Sealing joints [parts of engines]
327Sealing machines for industrial purposes
328Self-oiling bearings Separators
329Separators (Steam/oil --- )
330Sewage pulverizers
331Sewing machines
332Shaft couplings [machines]
333Shafts (Bearings for transmission --- )
334Shafts (Loom --- )
335Shares (Plough --- )
336Sharpening machines
337Sharpening wheels [parts of machines]
338Sheaf-binding machines Shearing machines for animals Shears, electric
339Shock absorber plungers [parts of machines]
340Shoe lasts [parts of machines] Shoe polishers, electric Shovels, mechanical
341Shredders [machines] for industrial use
342Shuttles [parts of machines] Sidewalks [moving pavement]
343Sieves [machines or parts of machines]
345Sifting installations Sifting machines
346Silencers for motors and engines Sizing machines
347Slide rests [parts of machines] Sliders for knitting machines
348Slides for knitting machines Smoothing presses
349Snow ploughs
350Soldering apparatus, gas-operated Soldering blow pipes, gas-operated Soldering irons, gas-operated
351Sorting machines for industry Sowers [machines]
352Sparking plugs for internal combustion engines
353Speed governors for machines, engines and motors
354Spin driers Spinning frames Spinning machines Spinning wheels
355Spray guns for paint Spraying machines
356Springs [parts of machines] Staircases (Moving --- ) [escalators]
357Stalk separators [machines] Stamping machines
358Stands for machines
359Starters for motors and engines Stators [parts of machines] Steam engine boilers
360Steam engines
361Steam presses (Rotary --- ), portable, for fabrics
362Steam traps Steam/oil separators Steamrollers
363Steelworks (Converters for --- )
364Stereotype machines
365Stitching machines
366Stone working machines Straw [chaff] cutters Stropping machines
367Stuffing boxes [parts of machines]
368Suction cups for milking machines Suction machines for industrial purposes
369Sugar making machines
372Swaging machines
373Sweeping machines (Road --- ) [self- propelled]
374Tables for machines
375Tambours for embroidery machines
376Taps [parts of machines, engines or motors]
377Tarring machines
378Teat cups for milking machines Tedding machines
379Thermic lances [machines]
380Threading machines
381Threshing machines
382Tilt hammers
383Tin openers, electric
384Tobacco processing machines Tools (Hand-held --- ), other than hand-operated
385Tools (Holding devices for machine --- )
386Tools [parts of machines]
387Torque converters other than for land vehicles
388Transmission chains other than for land vehicles
389Transmission shafts (Bearings for --- )
390Transmission shafts [other than for land vehicles]
391Transmissions for machines
392Transmissions, other than for land vehicles
393Transporters (Pneumatic --- ) Traps (Steam --- )
394Trash compacting machines Trimming machines
395Truck lifts
396Trueing machines
397Trussing apparatus for hay Tube conveyors, pneumatic
398Tubes (Boiler --- ) [parts of machines]
399Turbines (Hydraulic --- )
400Turbines other than for land vehicles
401Turbocompressors Turf removing ploughs
402Turnip cutters [machines]
403Tympans [parts of printing presses]
404Typecasting machines
405Type-setting machines [photocomposition]
406Type-setting machines [printing]
407Typographic machines Typographic presses
408Universal joints [Cardan joints]
409Vacuum cleaner attachments for disseminating perfumes and disinfectants
410Vacuum cleaner bags Vacuum cleaner hoses Vacuum cleaners
411Vacuum pumps [machines]
412Valves (Clack --- ) [parts of machines]
413Valves [parts of machines]
414Vehicle washing installations
415Vibrators [machines] for industrial use
416Vulcanisation apparatus Waggon lifts
417Washing apparatus
418Washing installations for vehicles
419Washing machines
420Washing machines (Coin- operated --- )
421Washing machines [laundry]
422Waste compacting machines Waste disposals
423Waste disposers [machines]
424Water heaters [parts of machines] Water separators
425Wax-polishing (Machines and apparatus for --- ) [electric]
426Weaving loom (Bobbins for --- ) Weaving looms
427Weeding machines
428Welding apparatus, gas-operated
429Welding machines, electric Wheels (Machine --- )
430Wheels (Spinning --- ) Wheelwork (Machine --- )
431Whisks, electric, for household purposes
432Whitewashing machines Winches
433Wine presses
434Winnowers Woodworking machines
435Wrapping machines
436Wringing machines for laundry