Trademark Class 44: Medical and Beauty Services

  • Medical services
  • veterinary services
  • hygienic and beauty care for human beings or animals
  • agriculture, horticulture and forestry services.

Explanatory Note: Class 44 includes mainly medical care, hygienic and beauty care given by persons or establishments to human beings and animals; it also includes services relating to the fields of agriculture, horticulture and forestry.

This Class includes, in particular:

  • medical analysis services relating to the treatment of persons (such as x-ray examinations and taking of blood samples).

  • artificial insemination services.

  • pharmacy advice.

  • animal breeding.

  • services relating to the growing of plants such as gardening.

  • services relating to floral art such as floral compositions as well as garden

This Class does not include, in particular:

  • vermin exterminating (other than for agriculture, horticulture and forestry) (Cl. 37).

  • installation and repair services for irrigation systems (Cl. 37).

  • ambulance transport (Cl. 39).

  • animal slaughtering services and taxidermy (Cl. 40).

  • timber felling and processing (Cl. 40).

  • animal training services (Cl. 41).

  • health clubs for physical exercise (Cl. 41).

  • scientific research services for medical purposes (Cl. 42).

  • boarding for animals (Cl. 43).

  • retirement homes (Cl. 43).

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S. No.Name of Products
1Aerial and surface spreading of fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals
2Animal breeding Animal grooming
3Aromatherapy services
4Artificial insemination services
5Baths for hygiene purposes (Public --- )
6Baths (Turkish --- )
7Beauty salons
8Blood bank services
10Clinics (Medical --- )
11Convalescent homes
13Exterminating (Vermin --- ) [for agriculture, horticulture and forestry]
14Farming equipment rental
15Fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals (Aerial and surface spreading of --- )
16Flower arranging
18Gardening (Landscape --- )
19Grooming (Animal --- )
20Grooming (Pet --- )
21Hair implantation
22Hairdressing salons
23Health care
24Homes (Convalescent --- )
25Homes (Nursing --- )
29In vitro fertilization services
30Landscape gardening
31Lawn care
34Medical assistance Medical clinics
35Midwife services
36Nursing homes
37Nursing [medical] Opticians’ services
38Pet grooming
39Pharmacy advice
40Physical therapy
42Plant nurseries
43Plastic surgery
44Psychologist (Services of a --- )
45Public baths for hygiene purposes
46Rehabilitation for substance abuse patients
47Rental of sanitation facilities
48Rest homes
49Salons (Beauty --- ) Salons (Hairdressing --- )
51Surgery (Plastic --- )
52Surgery (Tree --- )
54Tree surgery
55Turkish baths
56Vermin exterminating [for agriculture, horticulture and forestry]
57Veterinary assistance Weed killing
58Wreath making