Trademark Class 4: Industrial Oil and Fuels

  • Industrial oils and greases
  • lubricants
  • dust absorbing, wetting and binding compositions
  • fuels (including motor spirit) and illuminants
  • candles and wicks for lighting.

Explanatory Note Class 4 includes mainly industrial oils and greases, fuels and illuminants.
This Class does not include, in particular: –
certain special industrial oils and greases (consult the Alphabetical List of Goods).

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1Additives, non-chemical, to motor- fuel
2Alcohol [fuel] Anthracite
3Arms [weapons] (Grease for --- ) Beeswax
4Belting wax
5Belts (Grease for --- )
6Belts (Non-slipping preparations for --- )
7Benzene Benzine Benzol
8Bone oil for industrial purposes Boots (Grease for --- ) Briquettes (Combustible --- ) Briquettes (Wood --- )
10Candles (Christmas tree --- ) Carburants
11Carnauba wax
12Castor oil for technical purposes Ceresine
13Charcoal [fuel] Christmas tree candles Coal
14Coal briquettes Coal dust [fuel] Coal naphtha Coal tar oil Coke Combustible oil Cutting fluids Diesel oil
15Dust binding compositions for sweeping
16Dust laying compositions Dust removing preparations Ether (Petroleum --- ) Firelighters
18Fish oil, not edible Fluids (Cutting --- ) Fuel
19Fuel gas
20Fuel mixtures (Vaporized --- ) Fuel oil
21Fuel with an alcoholic base Gas for lighting
22Gas oil
23Gas (Producer --- )
24Gas (Solidified --- ) [fuel] Gasoline
25Graphite (Lubricating --- ) Grease for arms [weapons]
26Grease for belts Grease for boots Grease for leather Grease for shoes Grease (Illuminating --- )
27Illuminating grease Illuminating wax Industrial grease Industrial oil
28Industrial wax Kerosene Lamp wicks Lanolin
29Leather (Grease for --- )
30Leather (Preservatives for --- ) [oils and greases]
31Lighting fuel Lighting (Gas for --- )
32Lighting (Paper spills for --- ) Lighting (Wood spills for --- ) Lignite
33Ligroin Lubricants
34Lubricating graphite Lubricating grease Lubricating oil
35Masonry (Oil for the preservation of --- )
36Mazut Methylated spirit Mineral fuel Moistening oil Motor fuel
37Motor fuel (Additives, non-chemical, to --- )
38Motor oil Naphtha
39Nightlights [candles]
40Non-slipping preparations for belts Oil for the preservation of leather Oil for the preservation of masonry Oil-gas
41Oils for paints
42Oils for releasing form work [building]
44Ozocerite [ozokerite] Paints (Oils for --- ) Paper spills for lighting Paraffin
45Peat (Blocks of --- ) [fuel] Peat briquettes [fuel] Peat [fuel]
46Petrol Petroleum ether
47Petroleum jelly for industrial purposes
48Petroleum [raw or refined]
49Preservation of masonry (Oil for the --- )
50Preservatives for leather [oils and greases]
51Producer gas
52Rape oil for industrial purposes Shoes (Grease for --- ) Solidified gases [fuel]
53Soya bean oil preparations for non- stick treatment of cooking utensils
55Sunflower oil for industrial purposes Sweeping (Dust binding
56compositions for --- )
57Tallow Tapers Textile oil
58Vaporized fuel mixtures Wax [raw material] Wicks for candles Wicks (Lamp --- )
59Wood briquettes Wood spills for lighting Wool grease
Xylene Xylol