Trademark Class 38: Telecommunications

  • telecommunication

Explanatory Note: Class 38 includes mainly services allowing at least one person to communicate with another by     a sensory means. Such services include those which:


  • allow one person to talk to another,

  • transmit messages from one person to another, and

  • place a person in oral or visual communication with another (radio and television).


This Class includes, in particular:

  • services which consist essentially of the diffusion of radio or television

This Class does not include, in particular:

  • radio advertising services (Cl. 35).

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S. No.Name of Services
1Broadcasting (Cable television --- )
2Broadcasting (Radio --- )
3Broadcasting (Television --- )
4Cable television broadcasting
5Cellular telephone communication
6Communications by computer terminals
7Communications by fiber [fibre] optic networks
8Communications by telegrams
9Communications by telephone
10Computer aided transmission of messages and images
11Computer terminals (Communications by --- )
12Electronic bulletin board services [telecommunications services]
13Electronic mail
14Facsimile transmission Information about telecommunication
15Mail (Electronic --- )
16Message sending
17News agencies
18Paging services [radio, telephone or other means of electronic communication]
19Providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network
20Providing user access to a global computer network [service providers]
21Radio broadcasting
22Rental of facsimile apparatus
23Rental of message sending apparatus
24Rental of modems
25Rental of telecommunication equipment
26Rental of telephones
27Satellite transmission
28Sending apparatus (Rental of message --- )
29Sending of telegrams
30Telecommunication (Information about --- )
31Telecommunications routing and junction services
32Teleconferencing services
33Telegrams (Communications by --- )
34Telegrams (Sending of --- )
35Telegrams (Transmission of --- )
36Telegraph services
37Telephone (Communications by --- )
38Telephone services
39Television broadcasting
40Telex services
41Transmission (Facsimile --- )
42Transmission of messages and images (Computer aided --- )
43Transmission of telegrams
44Wire service