Trademark Class 32: Water and Non-Alcoholic Beverages

  • beer
  • mineral and aerated waters and other non-alcoholic drinks
  • fruit drinks and fruit juices
  • syrups and other preparations for making beverages.

Explanatory Note: Class 32 includes mainly non-alcoholic beverages, as well as beer.

This Class includes, in particular:

  • de-alcoholised

This Class does not include, in particular:

  • beverages for medical purposes (Cl. 5);

  • milk beverages (milk predominating) (Cl. 29);

  • beverages with coffee, cocoa or chocolate base (Cl. 30).

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S. No.Name of Products
1Aerated water
2Aerated water (Preparations for making --- )
3Almonds (Milk of --- ) [beverage]
4Aperitifs, non-alcoholic
6Beer wort
7Beverages (Non-alcoholic --- )
8Beverages (Preparations for making --- )
9Beverages (Whey --- )
10Cider [non-alcoholic]
11Cocktails, non-alcoholic
12Effervescing beverages (Pastilles for --- )
13Effervescing beverages (Powders for --- )
14Essences for making beverages
15Fruit extracts (Non-alcoholic --- )
16Fruit juice beverages (Non- alcoholic --- )
17Fruit juices
18Fruit nectars [non-alcoholic]
19Ginger ale
20Ginger beer
21Grape must [unfermented]
22Hops (Extracts of --- ) for making beer
23Isotonic beverages Juice (Fruit --- )
25Liqueurs (Preparations for making --- )
26Lithia water
27Malt beer
28Malt wort
29Milk of almonds [beverage]
30Milk (Peanut --- ) [soft drink]
31Mineral water [beverages]
32Mineral water (Preparations for making --- )
34Nectars (Fruit --- ) [non-alcoholic]
35Non-alcoholic beverages
36Non-alcoholic fruit extracts
37Non-alcoholic fruit juice beverages
39Pastilles for effervescing beverages
40Peanut milk [soft drink]
41Powders for effervescing beverages
42Sarsaparilla [soft drink]
43Seltzer water
44Sherbets [beverages]
45Soda water
46Sorbets [beverages]
47Syrups for beverages
48Syrups for lemonade
49Table waters
50Tomato juice [beverage]
51Vegetable juices [beverages]
52Water (Lithia --- )
53Water (Seltzer --- )
54Waters [beverages]
55Waters (Table --- )
56Whey beverages