Trademark Class 3: Soaps, Perfume and Cosmetics

  • Bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use
  • cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations
  • soaps
  • perfumery, essential oils, cosmetics, hair lotions
  • dentifrices.

Explanatory Note Class 3 includes mainly cleaning preparations and toilet preparations.

This Class includes, in particular:
– deodorants for personal use.
– sanitary preparations being toiletries.

This Class does not include, in particular:
– chemical chimney cleaners (Cl. 1).
– degreasing preparations for use in manufacturing processes (Cl. 1).
– deodorants other than for personal use (Cl. 5).
– sharpening stones and grindstones (hand tools) (Cl. 8).

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1Abrasive cloth Abrasive paper Abrasives *
2Adhesives for affixing false hair Adhesives for cosmetic purposes After-shave lotions
3Alkali (Volatile --- ) [ammonia] [detergent]
4Almond milk for cosmetic purposes Almond oil
5Almond soap
6Alum stones [antiseptic] Amber [perfume]
7Ammonia [volatile alkali] [detergent] Antiperspirant soap
8Antiperspirants [toiletries]
9Antistatic preparations for household purposes
10Aromatics [essential oils] Ash (Volcanic --- ) for cleaning
11Astringents for cosmetic purposes Badian essence
12Bark (Quillaia --- ) for washing
13Bath salts, not for medical purposes Baths (Cosmetic preparations for --- ) Beard dyes
14Beauty masks Bergamot oil
15Beverages (Flavorings [flavourings] for --- ) [essential oils]
16Bleaching (Leather --- ) preparations Bleaching preparations
17[decolorants] for cosmetic
19Bleaching preparations [laundry] Bleaching salts
20Bleaching soda Blueing for laundry Blueing (Laundry --- ) Bluing for laundry Boot cream
21Boot polish
22Breath freshening sprays Brightening chemicals (Color-
23[colour-] --- ) for household
24purposes [laundry]
25Cake flavourings [essential oils] Cakes of toilet soap
26Carbides of metal [abrasives] Cedarwood (Essential oils of --- ) Chalk (Cleaning --- )
27Citron (Essential oils of --- ) Cleaning chalk
28Cleaning dentures (Preparations for --- )
29Cleaning preparations
30Cleaning waste pipes (Preparations for --- )
31Cleansing milk for toilet purposes Cobblers’ wax
32Colorants for toilet purposes Color-brightening chemicals for
33household purposes [laundry]
34Color-removing preparations Colour-brightening chemicals for
35household purposes [laundry]
36Colour-removing preparations Corundum [abrasive] Cosmetic kits
37Cosmetic preparations for slimming purposes
39Cosmetics for animals
40Cotton sticks for cosmetic purposes Cotton wool for cosmetic purposes Creams (Cosmetic --- )
41Creams for leather Creams (Skin whitening --- )
42Degreasers other than for use in manufacturing processes
43Dentifrices Denture polishes
44Dentures (Preparations for cleaning --- )
45Deodorant soap
46Deodorants for personal use Depilatories
47Depilatory preparations Detergents other than for use in
48manufacturing operations and for
49medical purposes Diamantine [abrasive] Disinfectant soap
50Drains preparations (Clearing blocked --- )
51Dry-cleaning preparations Dyes (Cosmetic --- )
52Eau de Cologne Emery
53Emery cloth Emery paper
54Essences (Ethereal --- ) Essential oils
55Ethereal essences Ethereal oils
56Extracts of flowers [perfumes] Eyebrow cosmetics
57Eyebrow pencils
58Eyelashes (Adhesives for affixing false --- )
59Eyelashes (Cosmetic preparations for --- )
60Eyelashes (False --- )
61Fabric softeners [for laundry use] False eyelashes
62False hair (Adhesives for affixing --- ) False nails
63Flavorings for beverages [essential oils]
64Flavourings for beverages [essential oils]
65Flavourings for cakes [essential oils]
66Floor wax
67Floor wax removers [scouring preparations]
68Furbishing preparations
69Fumigation preparations [perfumes]
70Flower perfumes (Bases for --- )
71Flowers (Extracts of --- )
72[perfumes] Foot perspiration (Soap for --- )
73Gaultheria oil Geraniol Glass cloth Glass paper
74Glaze (Laundry --- )
75Greases for cosmetic purposes Grinding preparations
76Hair colorants Hair dyes Hair lotions Hair spray
77Hair waving preparations Heliotropine
78Hydrogen peroxide for cosmetic purposes
79Hypochloride (Potassium --- ) Incense
80Ionone [perfumery] Jasmine oil
81Javelle water
82Jelly (Petroleum --- ) for cosmetic purposes
83Jewellers’ rouge Kits (Cosmetic --- )
84Lacquer-removing preparations Laundry bleach
85Laundry blueing Laundry glaze Laundry preparations
86Laundry soaking preparations Laundry starch
87Laundry wax Lavender oil Lavender water
88Leather bleaching preparations Leather (Creams for --- )
89Leather preservatives [polishes] Lemon (Essential oils of --- ) Linen (Sachets for perfuming --- )
91Lotions for cosmetic purposes Lotions (Tissues impregnated with cosmetic --- )
93Make-up powder Make-up preparations
94Make-up removing preparations Mascara
95Masks (Beauty --- ) Medicated soap
96Milk (Cleansing --- ) for toilet purposes
97Mint essence [essential oil] Mint for perfumery Moustache wax
98Mouth washes, not for medical purposes
99Musk [perfumery] Mustache wax
100Nail care preparations Nail polish
101Nail varnish Nails (False --- )
102Neutralizers for permanent waving Oil of turpentine for degreasing Oils for cleaning purposes
103Oils for cosmetic purposes Oils for perfumes and scents Oils for toilet purposes
104Paint stripping preparations Parquet floor wax
105Pastes for razor strops Pencils (Cosmetic --- ) Pencils (Eyebrow --- ) Perfumery
107Permanent waving (Neutralizers for --- )
108Petroleum jelly for cosmetic purposes
109Pets (Shampoos for --- )
110Polish for furniture and flooring Polishes (Denture --- ) Polishing creams
111Polishing paper Polishing preparations Polishing rouge Polishing stones Polishing wax
112Pomades for cosmetic purposes Potpourris [fragrances]
113Powder (Make-up --- ) Preservatives for leather [polishes] Pumice stone
114Quillaia bark for washing Razor strops (Pastes for --- )
115Removers (Floor wax --- ) [scouring preparations]
116Rose oil
117Rouge (Jewellers’ --- )
118Rust removing preparations Sachets for perfuming linen Safrol
119Sandcloth Sandpaper
120Scale removing preparations for household purposes
121Scented water Scented wood Scouring solutions Shampoos Shampoos for pets
122Sharpening preparations Shaving preparations Shaving soap
123Shaving stones [antiseptic] Shining preparations [polish] Shoe cream
124Shoe polish Shoe wax
125Shoemakers’ wax
126Silicon carbide [abrasive]
127Skin care (Cosmetic preparations for --- )
128Skin whitening creams Slimming purposes (Cosmetic
129preparations for --- )
130Smoothing preparations [starching] Smoothing stones
131Soaking laundry (Preparations for --- )
133Soap (Antiperspirant --- ) Soap (Cakes of --- ) Soap (Deodorant --- ) Soap (Disinfectant --- )
134Soap for brightening textile Soap for foot perspiration Soda (Bleaching --- )
135Soda lye
136Softeners (Fabric --- ) [for laundry use]
137Sprays (Breath freshening --- ) Stain removers
138Starch for laundry purposes Starch glaze for laundry purposes Sunscreen preparations
139Sun-tanning preparations [cosmetics]
140Swabs [toiletries] Tailors’ wax
141Talcum powder, for toilet use Terpenes [essential oils]
142Tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions
143Toilet water Toiletries
144Transfers (Decorative --- ) for cosmetic purposes
145Tripoli stone for polishing Turpentine, for degreasing Varnish (Nail --- )
146Varnish-removing preparations Volatile alkali [ammonia] [detergent]
147Volcanic ash for cleaning
148Wallpaper cleaning preparations
149Washing preparations
150Washing soda, for cleaning Waste pipes (Preparations for cleaning --- )
151Waving preparations for the hair Wax (Cobblers’ --- )
152Wax (Depilatory --- ) Wax (Laundry --- ) Wax (Moustache --- ) Wax (Parquet floor --- ) Wax (Polishing --- ) Wax (Tailors’ --- ) Waxes for leather
153Whitening the skin (Cream for --- ) Whiting
154Windscreen cleaning liquids Windshield cleaning liquids