Trademark Class 28: Games and Sporting Goods

  • Games and Plaything
  • gymnastic and sporting articles not included in other classes;
  • decorations for Christmas trees.

Explanatory Note

This Class includes, in particular:

  • fishing tackle;

  • equipment for various sports and

This Class does not include, in particular:

  • Christmas tree candles (Cl. 4);

  • diving equipment (Cl. 9);

  • amusement apparatus adapted for use with television receivers only (Cl. 9);

  • electrical lamps (garlands) for Christmas trees (Cl. 11);

  • fishing nets (Cl. 22);

  • clothing for gymnastics and sports (Cl. 25);

  • confectionery and chocolate decorations for Christmas trees (Cl. 30).

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S. No.Name of Products
1Air pistols [toys]
2Amusement machines, automatic and coin-operated
3Archery implements
4Backgammon games
5Bags especially designed for skis and surfboards
6Bait (Artificial fishing --- )
7Balloons (Play --- )
8Balls for games
9Balls for games (Small --- )
11Baseball gloves
12Bats for games
13Batting gloves [accessories for games]
14Bells for Christmas trees
15Belts (Weight lifting --- ) [sports articles]
16Bicycles (Stationary exercise --- )
17Billiard balls
18Billiard cue tips
19Billiard cues
20Billiard markers
21Billiard table cushions
22Billiard tables
23Billiard tables (Coin-operated --- )
24Bingo cards
25Bite indicators [fishing tackle]
26Bite sensors [fishing tackle]
27Bladders of balls for games
28Blocks (Building --- ) [toys]
29Board games
31Body boards
32Body-building apparatus
33Body-training apparatus
34Bonbons (Explosive --- ) [Christmas crackers]
35Boots (Skating --- ) with skates attached
36Bowling apparatus and machinery
37Bows for archery
38Boxing gloves
39Building blocks [toys]
40Building games
41Butterfly nets
42Candle holders for
43Christmas trees
44Caps for pistols [toys]
45Cards (Bingo --- )
46Cards (Playing --- )
47Chalk for billiard cues
49Checkers [games]
50Chess games
52Chest expanders [exercisers]
53Christmas tree stands
54Christmas trees of synthetic material
55Christmas trees (Ornaments for --- ) [except illumination articles and confectionery]
56Clay pigeon traps
57Clay pigeons [targets]
58Climbers’ harness
59Clubs (Golf --- )
60Coin-operated billiard tables
62Conjuring apparatus
63Cosaques [toy fireworks]
64Counters [discs] for games
65Coverings for skis (Sole --- )
66Creels [fishing equipment]
67Cricket bags
68Cue tips (Billiard --- )
69Cues (Billiard --- )
70Cups for dice
72Decoys for hunting or fishing
73Detonating caps [toys]
75Dice (Cups for --- )
76Discuses for sports
77Divot repair tools [golf accessories]
79Dolls’ beds
80Dolls’ clothes
81Dolls’ feeding bottles
82Dolls’ houses
83Dolls’ rooms
86Draughts [games]
88Edges of skis
89Elbow guards [sports articles]
90Exercise bicycles (Rollers for stationary --- )
91Exercise bicycles (Stationary --- )
92Exercisers [expanders]
93Explosive bonbons [Christmas crackers]
94Fairground ride apparatus
95Feeding bottles (Dolls’ --- )
96Fencing gauntlets
97Fencing masks
98Fencing weapons
99Fish hooks
100Fishing tackle
101Flippers for swimming
102Floats for fishing
103Flying discs [toys]
104Foils for fencing
105Football (Tables for indoor --- )
106Game calls (Hunting --- )
107Games *
108Games (Automatic --- ) other than those adapted for use with television receivers only
109Games (Balls for --- )
110Games (Bats for --- )
111Games (Counters [discs] for --- )
112Games (Marbles for --- )
113Games other than those adapted for use with television receivers only (Apparatus for electronic --- )
114Gauntlets (Fencing --- ) Gloves (Baseball --- ) Gloves (Boxing --- )
115Gloves (Fencing --- )
116Gloves for games
117Gloves (Golf --- )
118Golf bags, with or without wheels
119Golf clubs
120Golf gloves
121Guns (Harpoon --- ) [sports articles]
122Guns (Paintball --- ) [sporting apparatus]
123Gut for fishing
124Gut for rackets
125Gymnastics (Appliances for --- )
126Hang gliders
127Harness (Climbers’ --- )
128Harness for sailboards
129Harpoon guns [sports articles]
130Hockey sticks
131Hooks (Fish --- )
132Horseshoe games
133Hunting game calls Ice skates
134Indoor football (Tables for --- ) In-line roller skates
135Jigsaw puzzles
136Jokes (Practical --- ) [novelties]
138Kite reels Kites
139Knee guards [sports articles]
140Landing nets for anglers
141Lines for fishing
142Lures for hunting or fishing
144Marbles for games
145Marionettes Markers (Billiard --- )
146Masks (Fencing --- )
147Masks (Theatrical --- ) Masks (Toy --- )
148Masts for sailboards Mobiles [toys]
149Model vehicles (Scale --- )
150Nets (Butterfly --- )
151Nets for sports
152Nets (Landing --- ) for anglers
154Novelties for parties, dances [party favors, favours]
155Ornaments for Christmas trees [except illumination articles and confectionery]
156Paddings (Protective --- ) [parts of sports suits]
157Paintball guns [sporting apparatus]
158Paintballs [ammunition for paintball guns] [sporting apparatus]
160Parlor games
161Parlour games
162Percussion caps [toys]
163Physical exercises (Machines for --- )
165Pistols (Caps for --- ) [toys]
166Pistols (Toy --- )
167Pitch mark repair tools [golf accessories]
168Play balloons
169Playing balls
170Playing cards
171Plush toys
172Pools (Swimming --- ) [play articles]
173Practical jokes [novelties]
174Protective paddings [parts of sports suits]
175Punching bags
176Puppets Quoits
178Rackets (Guts for --- )
179Rackets (Strings for --- )
180Radio-controlled toy vehicles
181Rattles [playthings]
182Reels for fishing
183Rehabilitation apparatus (Body --- )
184Ring games
185Rocking horses
186Rods for fishing
187Roller skates
188Rollers for stationary exercise bicycles
189Rooms (Dolls’ --- )
190Rosin used by athletes
191Roulette wheels
193Sailboards (Harness for --- )
194Sailboards (Masts for --- )
195Scale model vehicles
196Scooters [toys]
197Scrapers for skis
198Seal skins [coverings for skis]
199Shin guards [sports articles]
202Skates (Ice --- )
203Skates (In-line roller --- )
204Skates (Roller --- )
205Skating boots with skates attached
206Ski bindings
208Skis and surfboards (Bags especially designed for --- )
209Surfboards (Bags especially designed for skis and --- )
210Skis (Edges of --- )
211Skis (Sole coverings for --- )
212Skis (Wax for --- )
214Skittles [games]
215Sleighs [sports articles]
216Slides [playthings]
217Sling shots [sports articles]
218Snow for Christmas trees (Artificial --- )
219Snow globes Snowshoes
220Soap bubbles [toys]
221Sole coverings for skis
222Spinning tops [toys]
223Spring boards [sporting articles]
224Starting blocks [for sports]
225Stationary exercise bicycles
226Strings for rackets
227Surf boards Surf skis
228Surfboard leashes
229Swimming pools [play articles]
230Swimming webs [flippers]
232Table tennis (Tables for --- ) Tables for indoor football Tables for table tennis
233Tackle (Fishing --- )
234Targets Teddy bears
235Tennis ball throwing apparatus
236Tennis nets
237Theatrical masks
238Tips (Billiard cue --- )
239Tools (Divot repair --- ) [golf accessories]
240Tops (Spinning --- ) [toys]
241Toy masks
242Toy pistols
243Toy vehicles Toys
244Toys for domestic pets
245Traps (Clay pigeon --- )
246Twirling batons
247Vehicles (Radio-controlled toy --- )
248Vehicles (Scale model --- )
250Wax for skis
251Weapons (Fencing --- )
252Weight lifting belts [sports articles]