Trademark Class 26: Lace and Embroidery

  • mainly dressmakers’ articles

This Class includes, in particular:

  • slide

This Class does not include, in particular:

  • certain special types of hooks (consult the Alphabetical List of Goods).

  • certain special types of needles (consult the Alphabetical List of Goods).

  • yarns and threads for textile use (Cl. 23).



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S. No.Name of Product
1Artificial flowers
2Artificial fruit
3Artificial garlands
4Badges [buttons] (Ornamental novelty --- )
5Badges for wear, not of precious metal
6Bags (Zip fasteners for --- )
7Bands (Expanding --- ) for holding sleeves
8Bands (Hair --- )
9Barrettes [hair-slides]
10Beards (False --- )
11Belt clasps
12Binding needles
13Birds’ feathers [clothing accessories]
14Blouse fasteners
16Bows for the hair
17Boxes, not of precious metal, for needles
18Boxes (Sewing --- )
19Braces (Fastenings for --- )
22Brooches [clothing accessories]
23Buckles [clothing accessories]
24Buckles (Shoe --- )
25Busks (Corset --- )
26Buttons *
27Cases (Needle --- ), not of precious metal
28Chenille [passementerie]
29Clasp (Belt --- )
30Clothing (Edgings for --- ) Clothing (Eyelets for --- ) Clothing (Fastenings for --- )
31Clothing (Shoulder pads for --- )
32Collar supports
33Competitors’ numbers
34Cords for clothing
35Cords for rimming, for clothing
36Corset busks
37Corsets (Hooks for --- )
38Cosies (Tea --- )
39Crochet hooks (Embroidering --- )
40Curlers (Hair --- ) [other than hand implements], non-electric
41Curtain headings (Tapes for --- )
42Cushions (Needle --- ) Cushions (Pin --- )
43Cyclists (Trouser clips for --- )
44Darning lasts
45 Darning needles
46Decoration of textile articles (Heat adhesive patches for --- ) [haberdashery]
47Dress body fasteners
48Dress fastenings Edgings for clothing Edgings (Lace for --- )
49Elastic ribbons
50Embroidering crochet hooks
52Embroidery (Thread of metal for --- )
53Expanding bands for holding sleeves
54Eyelets for clothing
55Eyelets (Shoe --- )
56False beards
57False hair
58False hems
59False moustaches
60Fancy goods [embroidery]
61Fasteners (Shoe --- ) Fasteners (Slide --- ) [zippers]
62Fastenings for clothing Fastenings for suspenders
63Feathers [clothing accessories]
64Festoons [embroidery]
65Flounces (Skirt --- )
66Flowers (Artificial --- )
67Flowers (Wreaths of artificial --- )
68Frills for clothing
69Frills [lacework]
71Fruit (Artificial --- )
72Garlands (Artificial --- )
73Gold embroidery
74Haberdashery *, except thread
75Hair bands
76Hair (Bows for the --- )
77Hair coloring caps
78Hair colouring caps
79Hair curlers [other than hand implements], non-electric
80Hair curling papers Hair curling pins
81Hair (False --- )
82Hair grips [slides]
83Hair nets
84Hair ornaments
85Hair pins
86Hair (Plaited --- )
87Hair (Tresses of --- )
88Hat ornaments [not of precious metal]
89Heat adhesive patches for repairing textile articles
90Hems (False --- )
91 Hook and pile fastening tapes
92Hooks (Embroidering crochet --- )
93Hooks for corsets
94Hooks [haberdashery]
95Hooks (Rug --- )
96Hooks (Shoe --- )
97Knitting needles
98Lace for edgings
99Lace trimming Lace trimmings Laces (Shoe --- ) Laces (Woollen --- )
100Lasts (Darning --- )
101Letters for marking linen
102Linen (Letters for marking --- )
103Linen (Numerals for marking --- )
104Marking linen (Numerals or letters for --- )
105Mica spangles
106Monogram tabs for marking linen
107Moustaches (False --- )
108Needle cases, not of precious metal
109Needle cushions
110Needles *
111Needles (Binding --- )
112Needles for wool combing machines
113Needles (Shoemakers’ --- ) Nets (Hair --- )
114Numbers (Competitors’ --- )
115Numerals for marking linen
116Ornamental novelty badges [buttons]
117Ornaments (Hair --- )
118Ornaments (Hat --- ) [not of precious metal]
119Ornaments (Shoe --- ) [not of precious metal]
120Orsedew [trimmings for clothing]
121Ostrich feathers [clothing accessories]
122Papers (Hair curling --- )
124Patches (Heat adhesive --- ) for decoration of textile articles [haberdashery]
125Patches (Heat adhesive --- ) for repairing textile articles
126Picot [lace]
127Pin cushions
128Pins [other than jewellery, jewelry (Am.)]
129Plaited hair
130Prize ribbons
131Reins for guiding children
132Ribbons (Elastic --- ) Ribbons [haberdashery] Ribbons (Prize --- )
133Rimming (Cords for --- ), for clothing
134Rosettes [haberdashery]
135 Rug hooks
136Saddlers’ needles
137Sewing boxes Sewing needles Sewing thimbles
138Shoe buckles Shoe eyelets Shoe fasteners Shoe hooks
139Shoe laces
140Shoe ornaments [not of precious metal]
141Shoemakers’ needles
142Shoulder pads for clothing
143Shuttles for making fishing nets
144Silver embroidery
145Skirt flounces
146Slide fasteners [zippers]
147Slide locks for bags
148Slides [hair grips]
149Snap fasteners
150Spangles for clothing
151Supports (Collar --- )
152Suspenders (Fastenings for --- )
153Tabs (Monogram --- ) for marking linen
154Tapes for curtain headings
155Tassels [haberdashery]
156Tea cosies
157Thimbles (Sewing --- )
158Thread of metal for embroidery
159Tinsels [trimmings for clothing]
160Top-knots [pompoms]
162Tresses of hair
163Trimmings for clothing
164Trouser clips for cyclists
165Whalebones for corsets
167Wool combing machines (Needles for --- )
168Woollen laces
169Wreaths of artificial flowers
170Zip fasteners
171 Zippers