Trademark Class 21: Household Items & Kitchen Utensils

  • Household or kitchen utensils and containers (not of precious metal or coated therewith);
    combs and sponges
  • brushes (except paint brushes)
  • brush-making materials
  • articles for cleaning purposes; steelwool
  • unworked or semi-worked glass (except glass used in building)
  • glassware, porcelain and earthenware not included in other classes.

Explanatory Note: Class 21 includes mainly small, hand-operated utensils and apparatus for household and kitchen use as well as toilet utensils, glassware and articles in porcelain.

This Class includes, in particular:

  • utensils and containers for household and kitchen use, for example, kitchen utensils, pails, pans of iron, of aluminium, of plastics or of other materials, small hand-operated apparatus for mincing, grinding, pressing.

  • candle extinguishers, not of precious metal.

  • electric combs.

  • electric toothbrushes.

  • dish stands and decanter

This Class does not include, in particular:

  • certain goods made of glass, porcelain and earthenware (consult the Alphabetical List of Goods).

  • cleaning preparations, soaps, etc. (Cl. 3).

  • small apparatus for mincing, grinding, pressing, etc., driven by electricity (Cl. 7).

  • razors and shaving apparatus, clippers (hand instruments), metal implements and utensils for manicure and pedicure (Cl. 8).

  • cooking utensils, electric (Cl. 11).

  • toilet mirrors (Cl. 20).


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S. No.Name of Products
1Abrasive pads for kitchen purposes
2Abrasive sponges for scrubbing the skin
3Aerosol dispensers, not for medical purposes
4Autoclaves [pressure cookers], non-electric
5Baby baths [portable]
6Basins [bowls] Basins [receptacles]
7Baskets, for domestic use, not of precious metal
8Basting spoons, for kitchen use
9Baths (Baby --- ) [portable]
10Beaters (Carpet --- ) [not being machines]
11Beaters, non-electric
12Beer mugs
13Beverages (Heat insulated containers for --- )
14Bins (Dust --- )
15Bird baths *
17Blenders, non-electric, for household purposes
18Boards (Ironing --- )
19Boot jacks
20Boot trees [stretchers]
21Bottle gourds
22Bottle openers
24Bottles (Refrigerating --- )
25Bowls [basins]
26Bowls (Glass --- )
27Boxes for sweetmeats, not of precious metal
28Boxes of glass
29Boxes of metal, for dispensing paper towels
30Boxes (Soap --- )
31Bread baskets [domestic]
32Bread bins
33Bread boards
34Bristles (Animal --- ) [brushware]
36Brush goods Brushes *
37Brushes (Dishwashing --- )
38Brushes, electric [except parts of machines]
39Brushes for cleaning tanks and containers
40Brushes for footwear
41Brush-making (Material for --- )
43Buckskin for cleaning
44Burners (Perfume --- )
45Busts of china, terra-cotta or glass
46Butter dishes
47Butter-dish covers
49Cabarets [trays], not of precious metal
50Cages for household pets
51Cake molds [moulds]
52Candelabra [candlesticks], not of precious metal
53Candle extinguishers, not of precious metal
54Candle rings, not of precious metal
55Candlesticks, not of precious metal
56Candy boxes, not of precious metal
58Carpet beaters [hand instruments]
59Carpet sweepers
60Cases (Comb --- )
62Ceramics for household purposes
63Chamber pots
64Chamois leather for cleaning
65Cheese-dish covers
66China ornaments
68Cinder sifters [household utensils]
69Cleaning instruments [hand- operated]
70Cleaning (Rags [cloth] for --- )
71Cleaning tow
72Closures for pot lids
73Cloth for washing floors
74Clothes racks [for drying]
77Clothing stretchers
78Cloths for cleaning
79Cloths impregnated with a detergent for cleaning
80Coal scuttles
81Coasters, not of paper and other than table linen
82Cocktail stirrers
83Coffee filters, non-electric
84Coffee grinders, hand-operated
85Coffee percolators, non-electric
86Coffee services, not of precious metal
87Coffeepots, non-electric, not of precious metal
88Coldboxes (Portable --- ), non- electric
89Comb cases
91Combs (Electric --- ) Combs for animals Combs for the hair (Large- toothed --- )
92Confectioners’ decorating bags [pastry bags]
93Containers for household or kitchen use [except in precious metal]
94Cookery molds [moulds]
95Cookie [biscuit] cutters
96Cookie jars
97Cooking pot sets
98Cooking pots
99Cooking skewers, of metal
100Cooking utensils, non-electric
101Coolers [ice pails]
102Coolers (Portable --- ) (Am.)
103Cooling devices (Food --- ) containing heat exchange fluids, for household purposes
105Cosmetic utensils
106Cotton waste for cleaning
107Covers for dishes
108Covers, not of paper, for flower pots
110Cruet stands for oil and vinegar, not of precious metal
111Cruets, not of precious metal
112Crumb trays
113Crystal [glassware]
114Cups (Egg --- )
115Cups (Fruit --- )
116Cups, not of precious metal Cups of paper or plastic
118Cutting boards for the kitchen Decanters
119Deep fryers, non-electric
121Deodorising apparatus for personal use
122Dish covers Dishes (Butter --- )
123Dishes for soap
124Dishes, not of precious metal
125Dishwashing brushes
126Dispensers (Soap --- )
127Dispensing paper towels (Metal boxes for --- )
128Domestic grinders, non-electric
129Door-handles of porcelain
130Drinking flasks for travellers Drinking glasses
131Drinking troughs
132Drinking vessels
133Drying racks for washing
135Dusters (Furniture --- )
136Dusting apparatus, non-electric
137Dusting cloths [rags]
139Egg cups, not of precious metal
140Enamelled glass
141Epergnes, not of precious metal
142Eyebrow brushes
143Fabrics (Buckets made of woven --- )
145Feeding bottles (Heaters for --- ), non-electric
146Feeding troughs
147Feeding troughs for animals
148Fiberglass other than for insulation or textile use
149Fiberglass thread, not for textile use
150Fibreglass other than for insulation or textile use
151Fibreglass thread, not for textile use
152Figurines [statuettes] of porcelain, terra-cotta or glass
153Flasks for travellers (Drinking --- )
154Flasks, not of precious metal
155Flat-iron stands
156Floss for dental purposes
157Flower pots
158Flower-pot covers, not of paper
159Fly catchers [traps or whisks]
160Fly swatters
161Food cooling devices, containing heat exchange fluids, for household purposes
162Footwear (Brushes for --- )
163Fruit cups
164Fruit presses, non-electric, for household purposes
165Frying pans
166Funnels Furniture dusters
167Fused silica [semi-worked goods] other than for building
168Garbage cans
169Gardening gloves
170Garlic presses [kitchen utensils]
171Glass bowls
172Glass bulbs [receptacles]
173Glass caps
174Glass flasks [containers]
175Glass for vehicle windows [semi- finished product]
176Glass incorporating fine electrical conductors
177 Glass jars [carboys] Glass (Opal --- )
178Glass [receptacles] Glass stoppers
179Glass, unworked or semi-worked [except building glass]
180Glass vials [receptacles]
181Glass wool other than for insulation Glassware (Painted --- )
182Glove stretchers
183Gloves for household purposes
184Gloves (Gardening --- )
185Gloves (Polishing --- )
187Goblets, not of precious metal
188Gourds (Bottle --- )
189Graters [household utensils]
190Griddles [cooking utensils]
191Gridiron supports
192Grill supports
193Grills [cooking utensils]
194Hair for brushes
195Heaters for feeding bottles, non- electric
196Heat-insulated containers
197Holders for flowers and plants [flower arranging]
198Horns (Drinking --- )
199Horse brushes
200Hot pots [not electrically heated]
201Ice buckets
202Ice cube molds [moulds]
203Ice pails
204Indoor terrariums [plant cultivation]
205Insect traps
206Insulating flasks
207Ironing board covers [shaped]
208Ironing boards
209Isothermic bags Jacks (Boot --- )
210Jars (Glass --- ) [carboys]
211Jugs, not of precious metal Kettles, non-electric
212Kitchen containers, not of precious metal
213Kitchen mixers, non-electric Kitchen utensils, not of precious metal
214Knife rests for the table
215Knobs of porcelain
216Lamp-glass brushes
217Lazy susans
218Leather (Polishing --- )
219Liqueur sets
220Litter boxes [trays] for pets
221Lunch boxes
222Lye washtubs
224Make-up (Appliances for removing --- ) [non-electric]
225Mangers for animals
226Mangers for livestock
227Menu card holders
229Mills for domestic purposes, hand- operated
230Mixers, manual [cocktail shakers]
231Mixing machines, non-electric, for household purposes
232Mixing spoons [kitchen utensils]
233Molds (Ice cube --- )
234Molds [kitchen utensils]
236Mosaics of glass, not for building
237Moulds (Ice cube --- )
238Moulds [kitchen utensils]
239Mouse traps
240Mugs, not of precious metal
241Nail brushes
242Napkin holders, not of precious metal
243Napkin rings, not of precious metal
244Nest eggs [artificial]
245Noodle machines [hand-operated]
246Nozzles for sprinkler hose
247Nozzles for watering cans
248Oil cruets, not of precious metal
249Opal glass
250Opaline glass Pads for cleaning Pails
251Pans (Frying --- )
252Paper plates
253Pastry cutters
254Pepper mills, hand-operated
255Pepper pots, not of precious metal
256Percolators (Coffee --- ), non-electric
257Perfume burners
258Perfume sprayers Perfume vaporizers
259Pets (Cages for household --- )
260Pets (Litter boxes [trays] for --- )
261Picnic baskets (Fitted --- ) [including dishes]
262Pie servers Pig bristles
263Piggy banks, not of metal
264Pins of metal (Cooking --- )
265Pipettes [wine-tasters]
266Pitchers, not of precious metal
267Plate glass [raw material]
268Plates (Paper --- )
269Plates to prevent milk boiling over
270Plungers for clearing blocked drains
271Polishing apparatus and machines, for household purposes, non- electric
272Polishing gloves Polishing leather
273Polishing materials [for making shiny] [except preparations, paper and stone]
274Porcelain ware
275Pot lids
277Pots (Flower --- )
278Pots, not of precious metal
280Poultry rings
281Powder compacts, not of precious metal
282Powder puffs
283Powdered glass for decoration
284Presses (Garlic --- ) [kitchen utensils] Presses (Trouser --- )
285Pressure cookers [autoclaves], non-electric
286Rags for cleaning Rat traps Refrigerating bottles Refuse bins
287Rings for birds
288Rolling pins [domestic]
289Roses for watering cans
290Sacred vessels, not of precious metal
291Salad bowls, not of precious metal
292Salt cellars, not of precious metal
293Salt shakers, not of precious metal
294Saucepan scourers of metal Saucepans (Earthenware --- )
295Saucers, not of precious metal
296Scoops [tableware]
297Scouring pads
298Scrubbing brushes
299Services [tableware], not of precious metal
301Shaving brush stands Shaving brushes
302Shirt stretchers
303Shoe brushes
304Shoe horns
305Shoe trees [stretchers]
306Sieves [household utensils]
307Sifters [household utensils]
308Signboards of porcelain or glass
309Silica (Fused --- ) [semi-worked goods] other than for building
310Siphons for carbonated water
311Skin (Abrasive sponges for scrubbing the --- )
312Skins of chamois for cleaning
313Smoke absorbers for household purposes
314Soap boxes Soap dispensers Soap holders
315Soup bowls, not of precious metal
316Spatulas [kitchen utensils]
317 Spice sets
318Sponge holders
319Sponges for household purposes
320Spoons (Basting --- ), for kitchen use
323Sprinklers for watering flowers and plants
324Sprinkling devices Stands (Flat-iron --- )
325Stands for shaving brushes
326Statues of porcelain, terra-cotta or glass
327Statuettes of porcelain, terra-cotta or glass
328Steel wool for cleaning Stew-pans
329Stoppers (Glass --- )
330Strainers for household purposes Strainers, not of precious metal
331Stretchers for clothing
332Stretchers (Glove --- )
333Sugar bowls, not of precious metal
334Syringes for watering flowers and plants
335Table plates, not of precious metal
336Tableware [other than knives, forks and spoons] not of precious metal
337Tankards, not of precious metal
338Tar-brushes, long handled
339Tart scoops
340Tea balls, not of precious metal Tea caddies, not of precious metal Tea infusers, not of precious metal
341Tea services, not of precious metal Tea strainers, not of precious metal
342Teapots, not of precious metal
343Terrariums (Indoor --- ) [plant cultivation]
344Thermally insulated containers for food
345Tie presses
346Toilet brushes Toilet cases
347Toilet paper holders Toilet sponges Toilet utensils
349Toothbrushes, electric
350Toothpick holders, not of precious metal
351Toothpicks Traps (Insect --- )
352Traps (Rat --- ) Trash cans
353Trays for domestic purposes, not of precious metal
354Trays for domestic purposes, of paper
355 Trays (Litter --- ) [for pets]
356Trivets [table utensils]
357Troughs for livestock
358Trouser presses Trouser stretchers
359Urns, not of precious metal
360Utensils for household purposes, not of precious metal
361Vacuum bottles
362Vanity cases (Fitted --- )
363Vases, not of precious metal
364Vegetable dishes
365Vessels of metal for making ices and iced drinks
366Vitreous silica fibers [fibres], not for textile use
367Waffle irons, non-electric
368Washing boards
369Washing floors (Cloth for --- )
371Water apparatus for cleaning teeth and gums
372Watering cans
373Watering devices
374Wax-polishing (Apparatus for --- ), non-electric
375Wax-polishing appliances, non- electric, for shoes
376Whisks, non-electric, for household purposes
377Wine tasters [siphons] Wool (Steel --- ) for cleaning
378Wool waste for cleaning
379Works of art, of porcelain, terra- cotta or glass