Trademark Class 2: Paints and Varnishes

  • Paints, varnishes, lacquers
  • preservatives against rust and against deterioration of wood
  • colorants
  • mordants
  • raw natural resins
  • metals in foil and powder form for painters, decorators, printers and artists.

Explanatory Note Class 2 includes mainly paints, colorants and preparations used for the protection against corrosion.

 This Class includes, in particular:
– paints, varnishes and lacquers for industry, handicrafts and arts.
– dyestuffs for clothing.
– colorants for foodstuffs and beverages.

This Class does not include, in particular:
– unprocessed artificial resins (Cl. 1).
– laundry blueing (Cl. 3).
– cosmetic dyes (Cl. 3).
– paint boxes (articles for use in school) (Cl. l6).
– insulating paints and varnishes (Cl. l7).

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S No.

1Marking ink for animals Mastic [natural resin]
2Metal foil for painters, decorators, printers and artists
3Metals in powder form for painters, decorators, printers and artists
4Minium Mordants *
5Mordants for leather Oil cement [putty] Oils (Anti-rust --- )
6Oils for the preservation of wood Orange lead
7Oxide (Zinc --- ) [pigment]
8Paint (Glossy platinum --- ) for ceramics
9Paint (Silver --- ) for ceramics Paints *
10Paints (Agglutinants for --- ) Paints (Anti-fouling --- ) Paints (Bactericidal --- )
11Paints (Binding preparations for --- ) Paints (Ceramic --- )
12Paints (Enamel --- ) Paints (Fireproof --- ) Paints (Thickeners for --- ) Paints (Thinners for --- )
13Paper for dyeing Easter eggs Paste (Silver --- )
14Photocopiers (Toner cartridges [filled] for printers and --- )
16Platinum paint (Glossy --- ) for ceramics
17Powder (Aluminium --- ) for painters, artists and decorators
18Powder (Bronze --- ) [paint]
19Powder form (Metals in --- ) for painters, decorators, printers and artists
20Powders (Silvering --- ) Preservatives (Wood --- ) Primers
21Printers and photocopiers (Toner cartridges [filled] for --- )
22Printers’ pastes [ink] Printing compositions [ink] Printing ink
23Protective preparations for metals Putty (Glaziers’ --- )
24Red lead Resins (Gum --- )
25Resins (Natural --- ) [raw] Saffron [colorant] Sandarac
26Shellac Shoe dyes
27Siccatives [drying agents] for paints Sienna earth
28Silver emulsions [pigments]
29Silver foil [leaf]
30Silver paint for ceramics Silver paste
31Silvering powders
32Skin-dressing (Ink for --- ) Soot [colorant]
33Stains for leather Stains (Wood --- ) Sumac for varnishes
34Tarred felt (Coatings for --- ) [paints] Thickeners for paints
35Thinners for lacquers Thinners for paints Titanium dioxide [pigment]
36Toner cartridges [filled] for printers and photocopiers
37Toners [ink] for photocopiers Turmeric [colorant] Turpentine [thinner for paints]
38Undercoating for vehicle chassis Undersealing for vehicle chassis Varnishes *
39Vehicle chassis (Undercoating for --- )
40Vehicle chassis (Undersealing for --- )
41Wallpaper removing preparations Wash (Lime --- )
42Watercolors (Fixatives for --- ) Watercolours (Fixatives for --- ) White lead
43Whites [colorants or paints] Whitewash
44Wood coatings [paints]
45Wood (Coloring [colouring] --- ) Wood (Dye )
46Wood mordants
47Wood (Oils for the preservation of )
48Wood (Preservative oils for )
49Wood preservatives Wood stains Yellowwood [colorant] Zinc oxide [pigment]