Trademark Class 18: Leather and Leather Imitations

  • Leather and imitations of leather, and goods made of these materials and not included in other classes; animal skins, hides
  • trunks and travelling bags
  • umbrellas, parasols and walking sticks; whips, harness and saddlery.

Explanatory Note:  Class 18 includes mainly leather, leather imitations, travel goods not included in other classes and saddlery.

This Class does not include, in particular:

  • clothing, footwear, headgear (consult the Alphabetical List of Goods).

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S. NoName of Products
2Animal skins
3Attaché cases
5Bags [envelopes, pouches] of leather, for packaging
6Bags for campers
7Bags for climbers
8Bags (Game --- ) [hunting accessory]
9Bags (Garment --- ) for travel
10Bags (Net --- ) for shopping Bags (Nose --- ) [feed bags]
12Bands of leather
13Beach bags
14Belts (Leather shoulder --- )
15 Bits for animals [harness]
16Blinders [harness]
17Blinkers [harness]
18Boxes of leather (Hat --- )
19Boxes of leather or leather board Boxes of vulcanised fibre
20Bridles [harness] Bridoons Briefcases
21Butts [parts of hides]
23Card cases [notecases]
24Cases, of leather or leatherboard
25Casings, of leather, for springs Cat o’ nine tails
26Cattle skins
27Chain mesh purses, not of precious metal
28Chamois leather, other than for cleaning purposes
29Chin straps, of leather
30Clothing for pets
31Collars for animals
32Coverings (Furniture --- ) of leather Coverings of skins [furs]
33Covers for animals Covers for horse-saddles Covers (Umbrella --- )
34Curried skins
35Dog collars
36Envelopes, of leather, for packaging
37Fastenings for saddles Fittings of iron (Harness --- )
38Frames for umbrellas or parasols
39Frames (Handbag --- )
41Furniture coverings of leather
42Furniture (Leather trimmings for --- ) 
44Game bags [hunting accessory]
45Garment bags for travel
46Gold beaters’ skin
47Gut for making sausages Halters
48Handbag frames
50Handles (Suitcase --- ) Handles (Walking stick --- )
51Harness fittings, not of precious metal
52Harness fittings of iron Harness for animals Harness straps Harness traces
53Hat boxes of leather
56Horse blankets Horse collars Imitation leather
57Key cases [leatherware] Kid
58Knee-pads for horses
59Laces (Leather --- )
60Leads (Leather --- )
61Leashes (Leather --- )
62Leather (Imitation --- )
63Leather leads Leather leashes
64Leather shoulder belts Leather straps Leather thongs Leather thread Leather twist
65Leather, unworked or semi-worked Leatherboard
66Leathers (Stirrup --- )
67Moleskin [imitation of leather]
68Mountaineering sticks
69Music cases Muzzles
70Net bags for shopping
71Nose bags [feed bags]
72Pads for horse saddles
75Pets (Clothing for --- )
76Pocket wallets
77Pouches, of leather, for packaging Purses
78Purses, not of precious metal Reins
79Ribs (Umbrella or parasol --- ) 
80Riding saddles
82Saddle cloths for horses Saddle trees
84Saddles (Pads for horse --- )
85Satchels (School --- )
86Sausages (Gut for making --- )
87School bags
88School satchels
89Shopping bags
90Shoulder belts [straps], of leather
91Skates (Straps for --- )
92Skin (Goldbeaters’ --- ) Skins (Animal --- )
93Skins (Cattle --- )
94Skins of chamois, other than for cleaning purposes
95Sling bags for carrying infants
96Soldiers’ equipment (Straps for --- )
97Springs (Casings, of leather, for plate --- )
98Sticks (Mountaineering --- )
99Stirrup leathers
100Stirrups (Parts of rubber for --- )
101Straps for skates
102Straps for soldiers’ equipment Straps (Harness --- )
103Straps (Leather --- )
104Straps (Leather shoulder --- )
105Straps of leather [saddlery]
106Suitcase handles
108Thread (Leather --- )
109Tool bags of leather [empty]
110Traces [harness]
111Travelling bags
112Travelling sets [leatherware] Travelling trunks
113Trimmings of leather for furniture Trunks [luggage]
114Umbrella covers Umbrella handles Umbrella or parasol ribs Umbrella rings Umbrella sticks Umbrellas
116Valves of leather
117Vanity cases [not fitted]
118Walking cane handles
119Walking stick handles Walking stick seats Walking sticks
120Wallets (Pocket --- )
121Wheeled shopping bags Whips