Trademark Class 15: Musical Instruments

  • Musical instruments.

Explanatory Note: This Class includes, in particular:

  • mechanical pianos and their accessories;
  • musical boxes;
  • electrical and electronic musical

This Class does not include, in particular:

  • apparatus for the recording, transmission, amplification and reproduction of sound (Cl. 9).

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1Accordions Bagpipes Bamboo flutes Bandonions Barrel organs Bass drum sticks
2Basses [musical instruments] Batons (Conductors’ --- ) Bellows for musical instruments
3Bow nuts for musical instruments Bows for musical instruments Bridges for musical instruments Buccins [trumpets]
4Carillons [musical instruments] Cases for musical instruments Castanets
5Catgut for musical instruments Chin rests for violins Clarionets
6Clarions Concertinas Conductors’ batons
7Cornets [musical instruments] Cymbals
8Dampers for musical instruments Double basses
10Drums [musical instruments] Drumsticks
11Electronic musical instruments Flutes
12Flutes (Bamboo --- ) Gongs
14Handbells [musical instruments] Harmonicas
15Harmoniums Harp strings Harps
16Hats with bells [musical instruments]
17Horns [musical instruments]
18Horsehair for bows [for musical instruments]
19Huqin [Chinese violins] Instruments (Musical --- )
20Intensity regulators for mechanical pianos
21Jews’ harps [musical instruments] Kettledrum frames
23Keyboards for musical instruments Keys for musical instruments Lyres
25Mouthpieces for musical instruments
26Music rolls [piano] Music stands Music synthesizers Musical boxes
27Musical instruments
28Mutes for musical instruments Oboes
29Ocarinas Organs
30Pedals for musical instruments Pegs for musical instruments Perforated music rolls
31Piano keyboards Piano keys Piano strings Pianos
32Picks for stringed instruments Pipa [Chinese guitars] Plectrums
34Rolls (Perforated music --- )
35Sheet music (Turning apparatus for --- )
36Sheng [Chinese musical wind instruments]
37Skins for drums
38Stands for musical instruments Stands (Music --- )
39Sticks (Drum --- )
40Sticks for bows [for musical instruments]
41Stringed musical instruments Strings for musical instruments Suona [Chinese trumpets] Synthesizers (Music --- ) Tambourines
43Triangles [musical instruments] Trombones
44Trumpets Tuning forks Tuning hammers
45Turning apparatus for sheet music Valves for musical instruments Violas
47Wind pipes for organs Xylophones