Trademark Class 13: Fireworks and Firearms

  • Firearms
  • ammunition and projectiles
  • explosives
  • fireworks.

Explanatory Note: Class 13 includes mainly firearms and pyrotechnical products.

This Class does not include, in particular:
– matches (Cl. 34).

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1Acetyl-nitrocellulose Air pistols [weapons]
2Ammonium nitrate explosives Ammunition
3Artillery guns [cannons]
4Ballistic missiles Ballistic weapons Bandoliers for weapons Barrels (Gun --- ) Barrels (Rifle --- ) Bengal lights
5Breeches of firearms Cannons
7Cartridge belts (Apparatus for filling --- )
8Cartridge cases
9Cartridge loading apparatus Cartridge pouches Cartridges
10Cases (Cartridge --- ) Cases (Gun --- )
11Cases (Rifle --- )
12Cleaning brushes for firearms Cotton (Gun --- )
13Detonating caps other than toys Detonating fuses for explosives Detonating plugs
14Detonators Dynamite
15Explosive cartridges Explosive powders Explosives
16Firearm sights Firearms
17Firearms (Ammunition for --- ) Firearms (Cleaning brushes for --- ) Firecrackers
19Firing lanyards for explosives Firing platforms
20Fog signals, explosive Fuses for explosives
21Fuses for explosives, for use in mines
22Gas weapons (Tear --- ) Gun barrels
23Gun carriages [artillery] Gun cases
24Gun cotton Gunpowder
25Guns (Artillery --- ) [cannons] Guns (Hammers for --- )
26Guns (Harpoon --- ) [weapons] Guns (Noise-suppressors for --- ) Guns (Sighting mirrors for --- )
27Guns [weapons] Gunstocks
28Hammers for guns and rifles Harpoon guns [weapons] Horns (Powder --- )
29Hunting firearms Lead shot for hunting Machine guns
30Mines [explosives]
31Mirrors (Sighting --- ) for guns and rifles
32Missiles (Ballistic --- ) Mortars [firearms] Motorized weapons
33Nitrate of ammonia explosives Nitrocellulose (Acetyl --- ) Noise-suppressors for guns
34Percussion caps other than toys Pistols [arms]
35Platforms (Firing --- ) Plugs (Detonating --- )
36Pouches (Cartridge --- )
37Powder horns Powders (Explosive --- )
38Primings [fuses] Projectiles [weapons]
39Pyrophoric substances Pyrotechnic products Pyroxylin
40Revolvers Rifle barrels Rifle cases Rifles
41Rifles (Hammers for --- ) Rifles (Sighting mirrors for --- ) Rifles (Trigger guards for --- ) Rocket launchers
42Rockets [projectiles] Rockets (Signal --- ) Shells [projectiles]
43Shot for hunting (Lead --- ) Shoulder straps for weapons Sighting mirrors for guns and rifles
44Sights, other than telescopic sights, for firearms
45Sights, other than telescopic sights, for guns [artillery]
46Signal rockets Sporting firearms Stocks (Gun --- ) Tanks [weapons] Tear-gas weapons Tinder
47Trigger guards for guns and rifles Trunnions for heavy weapons