Trademark Class 12: Vehicles

  • Vehicles
  • apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water.

Explanatory Note: This Class includes, in particular:
– motors and engines for land vehicles.
– couplings and transmission components for land vehicles.
– air cushion vehicles.

This Class does not include, in particular.
– certain parts of vehicles (consult the Alphabetical List of Goods).
 – railway material of metal (Cl. 6).
– motors, engines, couplings and transmission components other than for land vehicles (Cl. 7).
– parts of motors and engines (of all kinds) (Cl. 7).

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1Aerial conveyors
2Aeronautical apparatus, machines and appliances
4Air bags [safety devices for automobiles]
5Air balloons
6Air cushion vehicles
7Air pumps [vehicle accessories] Air vehicles
9Airplanes (Amphibious --- ) Airships
10Ambulances Amphibious airplanes
11Anti-dazzle devices for vehicles * Anti-glare devices for vehicles * Anti-skid chains
12Anti-theft alarms for vehicles Anti-theft devices for vehicles
13Automobile bodies Automobile chains Automobile chassis Automobile hoods Automobile tires [tyres] Automobiles
14Automobiles (Sun-blinds adapted for --- )
15Axle journals Axles for vehicles Baby carriages
16Baby carriages (Covers for --- ) Balance weights for vehicle wheels Balloons (Air --- )
17Balloons (Dirigible --- ) Bands for wheel hubs Barges
18Bars (Torsion --- ) for vehicles Baskets adapted for cycles Bells for bicycles, cycles
19Berths (Sleeping --- ) for vehicles Bicycle bells
20Bicycle brakes Bicycle chains Bicycle frames Bicycle handle bars Bicycle pumps Bicycle rims Bicycle saddles Bicycle spokes Bicycle stands Bicycle tires [tyres] Bicycles
21Boat hooks Boats
22Bodies for vehicles
23Bogies for railway cars
24Brake linings for vehicles Brake segments for vehicles Brake shoes for vehicles Brakes for bicycles, cycles Brakes for vehicles
25Buffers for railway rolling stock Bumpers for automobiles Bumpers (Vehicle --- )
26Buses (Motor --- ) Cable cars
27Cable transport apparatus and installations
28Caissons [vehicles] Camping cars
29Caps for vehicle petrol [gas] tanks Caravans
30Carriages [railways] Carrier tricycles
31Carriers (Luggage --- ) for vehicles Cars
32Cars for cable transport installations
34Casings for pneumatic tires [tyres]
35Casters for trolleys [vehicles] [carts (Am.)]
36Casting carriages Casting cars Chains (Anti-skid --- ) Chains (Cycle --- )
37Chains for bicycles, cycles Chairlifts
38Chassis (Automobile --- ) Chassis (Vehicle --- ) Cleaning trolleys
39Cleats [nautical]
40Clips (Spoke --- ) for wheels Clutches for land vehicles Coaches (Motor --- ) Concrete mixing vehicles
41Connecting rods for land vehicles, other than parts of motors and engines
42Converters (Torque --- ) for land vehicles
43Conveyors (Aerial --- ) Couplings for land vehicles Couplings (Railway --- )
44Covers for baby carriages Covers (Seat --- ) for vehicles Crankcases for land vehicle
45components [other than for engines] Cranks for cycles Cycle bells
46Cycle brakes
47Cycle cars Cycle chains Cycle frames
48Cycle handle bars Cycle hubs
49Cycle mudguards Cycle pumps Cycle rims
50Cycle saddles Cycle spokes Cycle stands Cycle tires [tyres] Cycles
51Davits for boats Delivery tricycles Dining cars
52Dining cars [carriages] Dinner wagons [carriages]
53Direction indicators for bicycles, cycles, etc.
54Direction signals for vehicles Dirigible balloons [airships] Disengaging gear for boats Doors for vehicles
55Dredgers [boats]
56Dress guards for bicycles, cycles Driving chains for land vehicles Driving motors for land vehicles
57Ejector seats [for aircraft] Electric vehicles
58Elevating tailgates (Am.) [parts of land vehicles]
59Engines for land vehicles Engines (Traction --- ) Fenders for ships
60Ferry boats
61Flanges for railway wheel tires [tyres]
62Fork lift trucks
63Frames for bicycles, cycles Freewheels for land vehicles Funiculars
64Funnels for locomotives Funnels for ships
65Gear boxes for land vehicles Gearing for land vehicles Gears for cycles
66Golf carts
67Goods handling carts Hand cars
68Handle bars for bicycles, cycles Harness (Security --- ) for vehicle seats
69Head-rests for vehicle seats Hoods for baby carriages Hoods for vehicle engines Hoods for vehicles
70Hooks (Boat --- ) Horns for vehicles
71Hose carts Hub caps
72Hubs for vehicle wheels Hulls (Ships’ --- )
73Hydraulic circuits for vehicles Hydroplanes
74Inclined ways for boats
75Inner tubes (Adhesive rubber patches for repairing --- )
76Inner tubes for bicycles, cycles Inner tubes for pneumatic tires [tyres]
77Inner tubes (Repair outfits for --- ) Jet engines for land vehicles Journals (Axle --- )
78Kick sledges Ladle carriages Ladle cars Launches
79Lifting cars [lift cars] Lifts (Ski --- )
80Lifts (Tailboard --- ) [parts of land vehicles]
81Linings (Brake --- ) for vehicles Locomotives
83Luggage carriers for vehicles Luggage nets for vehicles Luggage trucks
84Military vehicles for transport Mine cart wheels
85Mirrors (Rearview --- ) Mopeds
86Motor buses Motor cars Motor coaches Motor homes Motorcycles
87Motors, electric, for land vehicles Motors for cycles
88Motors for land vehicles Mudguards
89Non-skid devices for vehicle tires [tyres]
90Oars Omnibuses
91Paddles for canoes Panniers adapted for cycles Parachutes
92Patches (Adhesive rubber --- ) for repairing inner tubes
93Pedals for cycles Perambulator covers (Fitted --- ) Pneumatic tires [tyres] Pontoons
95Power tailgates (Am.) [parts of land vehicles]
96Prams [baby carriages]
97Propulsion mechanisms for land vehicles
98Pumps (Air --- ) [vehicle accessories] Pumps for bicycles, cycles Pushchair covers
99Pushchair hoods Pushchairs
100Railway cars (Bogies for --- ) Railway couplings
101Railway wheel tires [tyres] (Flanges of --- )
102Rearview mirrors
103Reduction gears for land vehicles Refrigerated vehicles
104Remote control vehicles [other than toys]
105Repair outfits for inner tubes Reversing alarms for vehicles Rims for vehicle wheels
106Rims for wheels of bicycles, cycles Rolling stock for funicular railways Rolling stock for railways Rowlocks
108Running boards (Vehicle --- ) Sack-barrows
109Saddle covers for bicycles or motorcycles
110Saddles for bicycles, cycles or motorcycles
111Safety belts for vehicle seats Safety seats for children [for vehicles]
113Screw-propellers for boats Screws [propellers] for ships Sculls
115Seat covers for vehicles
116Seats (Safety --- ) for children [for vehicles]
117Seats (Vehicle --- )
118Security harness for vehicle seats Segments (Brake --- ) for vehicles Ships
119Ships’ hulls
120Ships’ steering gears
121Ships (Timbers [frames] for --- ) Shock absorbers for automobiles Shock absorbers (Suspension --- ) for vehicles
122Shock absorbing springs for vehicles
123Shoes (Brake --- ) for vehicles Shopping trolleys [carts (Am.)] Side cars
124Signals (Direction --- ) for vehicles Ski carriers for cars
125Ski lifts
126Sleeping berths for vehicles
127Sleeping cars Sleighs [vehicles] Snowmobiles Space vehicles Spars for ships
128Spikes for tires [tyres] Spoke clips for wheels Spokes for bicycles, cycles Spokes (Vehicle wheel --- ) Sports cars
129Springs (Shock absorbing --- ) for vehicles
130Sprinkling trucks
131Stands for bicycles, cycles [parts of bicycles, cycles]
132Steering gears for ships Steering wheels for vehicles Stern oars
133Stroller covers [pushchairs] Strollers
134Studs for tires [tyres]
135Sun-blinds adapted for automobiles Suspension shock absorbers for vehicles
136Suspension springs (Vehicle --- )
137Tailboard lifts [parts of land vehicles]
138Tailgates (Am.) (Elevating -, Power --- ) [parts of land vehicles]
139Telpher railways [cable cars] Tilting-carts
140Timbers [frames] for ships Tipping apparatus, parts of trucks and waggons
141Tipping bodies for lorries [trucks] Tires (Flanges of railway wheel --- ) Tires for bicycles, cycles
142Tires for vehicle wheels Tires (Non-skid devices for vehicle --- )
143Tires, solid, for vehicle wheels Torque converters for land vehicles Torsion bars for vehicles
144Traction engines Tractors
145Trailer hitches for vehicles Trailers [vehicles] Tramcars
146Transmission chains for land vehicles
147Transmission shafts for land vehicles
148Transmissions, for land vehicles Transport apparatus and installations (Cable --- )
149Treads for retreading tires [tyres] Treads for vehicles [roller belts] Treads for vehicles [tractor type] Tricycles
150Tricycles (Carrier --- )
151Trolleys * Trucks
152Trucks (Luggage --- )
153Tubeless tires [tyres] for bicycles, cycles
154Turbines for land vehicles Turn signals for vehicles Two-wheeled trolleys
155Tyres (Flanges of railway wheel --- ) Tyres for bicycles, cycles
156Tyres for vehicle wheels Tyres (Non-skid devices for vehicle --- )
157Tyres, solid, for vehicle wheels
158Undercarriages for vehicles Upholstery for vehicles
159Valves for vehicle tires [tyres] Vans [vehicles]
160Vehicle bumpers Vehicle chassis
161Vehicle covers [shaped]
162Vehicle petrol [gas] tanks (Caps for --- )
163Vehicle running boards Vehicle seats
164Vehicle suspension springs Vehicle wheel rims
165Vehicle wheel spokes Vehicle wheel tires [tyres] Vehicle wheels
166Vehicle wheels (Hubs for --- ) Vehicles (Air cushion --- )
167Vehicles (Anti-glare devices for --- ) *
168Vehicles (Connecting rods for land --- ), other than parts of motors and engines Vehicles (Electric --- )
169Vehicles for locomotion by land, air, water or rail
170Vehicles for transport (Military --- ) Vehicles (Refrigerated --- )
171Vehicles (Remote control --- ) [other than toys]
172Vehicles (Space --- ) Waggons
173Waggons (Refrigerated --- ) [railroad vehicles]
174Wagons (Refrigerated --- ) [railroad vehicles]
175Warning systems (Audible --- ) for cycles
176Water vehicles
177Weights (Balance --- ) for vehicle wheels
178Wheel hubs (Bands for --- ) Wheel hubs (Vehicle --- ) Wheel tires [tyres] (Vehicle --- ) Wheelbarrows
180Wheels for bicycles, cycles
181Wheels (Spoke clips for --- ) Wheels (Vehicle --- ) Windows for vehicles Windscreen wipers Windscreens
182Windshield wipers Windshields Yachts