Trademark Class 11: Lighting, Heating and Cooking

  • Apparatus for lighting
  • heating
  • steam generating
  • cooking
  • refrigerating
  • drying
  • ventilating
  • water supply and sanitary purposes

Explanatory Note: This Class includes, in particular:
– air conditioning apparatus.
– bedwarmers, hot water bottles, warming pans, electric or non-electric.
 – electrically heated cushions (pads) and blankets, not for medical purposes.
– electric kettles.
– electric cooking utensils.

This Class does not include, in particular:
– steam producing apparatus (parts of machines) (Cl. 7).
– electrically heated clothing (Cl. 9).

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1Accumulators (Heat --- ) Accumulators (Steam --- )
2Acetylene burners Acetylene flares Acetylene generators
3Air conditioners for vehicles Air conditioning apparatus Air conditioning installations Air cooling apparatus
4Air deodorising apparatus Air driers [dryers]
5Air filtering installations
6Air (Ionisation apparatus for the treatment of --- )
7Air purifying apparatus and machines
8Air reheaters Air sterilisers
9Air valves for steam heating installations
10Air vehicles (Lighting installations for --- )
11Alcohol burners
12Anti-dazzle devices for automobiles [lamp-fittings]
13Anti-glare devices for vehicles [lamp fittings]
14Anti-splash tap nozzles Aquarium filtration apparatus Aquarium heaters
15Aquarium lights Arc lamps
16Ash boxes (Furnace --- ) Ash conveyor installations, automatic
17Ash pits for furnaces Atomic piles
18Autoclaves [electric pressure cookers]
19Automobile lights
20Automobiles (Anti-dazzle devices for --- ) [lamp fittings]
21Bakers’ ovens
22Barbecue grills (Lava rocks for use in --- )
23Barbecues Bath fittings
24Bath fittings (Hot air --- ) Bath installations
25Bath installations (Sauna --- ) Bath linings
26Bath plumbing fixtures Bath tubs
27Bath tubs for sitz baths Baths (Heaters for --- ) Baths (Spa --- ) [vessels]
29Beverages cooling apparatus Bicycle lights
31Blankets, electric, not for medical purposes
32Boiler pipes [tubes] for heating installations
33Boilers [other than parts of machines]
34Brackets for gas burners Bread toasters
36Burners (Acetylene --- ) Burners for lamps Burners (Gas --- ) Burners (Germicidal --- )
37Burners (Incandescent --- ) Burners (Laboratory --- )
38Carbon for arc lamps
39Carpets (Electrically heated --- ) Ceiling lights
40Central heating radiators Chambers (Clean --- ) [sanitary installations]
41Chandeliers Chimney blowers Chimney flues Chimneys (Lamp --- ) Chinese lanterns
42Christmas trees (Electric lights for --- )
43Chromatography apparatus [for industrial purposes]
44Clean chambers [sanitary installations]
45Coffee filters, electric Coffee machines, electric Coffee percolators, electric Coffee roasters
46Coils [parts of distilling, heating or cooling installations]
47Condensers (Gas --- ) [other than parts of machines]
48Conditioning air (Installations for --- ) Containers (Refrigerating --- ) Cookers
49Cooking apparatus and installations Cooking rings
50Cooking utensils, electric Coolers for furnaces
51Cooling appliances and installations Cooling installations and machines Cooling installations for liquids Cooling installations for tobacco Cooling installations for water
52Cubicles [enclosures (Am.)] (Shower --- )
53Curling lamps
54Cushions [pads] (Heating --- ), electric, not for medical purposes
55Cycle lights Dampers [heating] Deep fryers, electric
56Defrosters for vehicles Defrosting windows of vehicles (Heating apparatus for --- )
57Dehydrating (Apparatus for --- ) foodstuffs organic materials
58Dental ovens
59Deodorising apparatus, not for personal use
60Desalination plants Desiccating apparatus Diffusers (Light --- )
61Discharge tubes, electric, for lighting
62Disinfectant apparatus Disinfectant dispensers for toilets Disinfectant distributors for toilets Disposable sterilization pouches Distillation apparatus
63Distillation columns Diving lights
64Driers (Air --- )
65Driers (Hair --- )
66Drinking water (Filters for --- )
67Drip irrigation emitters [irrigation fittings]
68Dryers (Air --- )
69Dryers (Hair --- ) Drying apparatus
70Drying apparatus and installations Drying apparatus for fodder and forage
71Economizers (Fuel --- ) * Electric appliances for making yogurt
72Electric lamps
73Electrically heated carpets Elements (Heating --- )
75Expansion tanks for central heating installations
76Extractor hoods for kitchens Fairy lights for festive decoration Fans [air-conditioning]
77Fans (Electric --- ) for personal use Fans [parts of air conditioning installations]
78Faucets for pipes (Am.)
79Feeding apparatus for heating boilers
80Feeding bottles (Heaters, electric, for --- )
81Filaments, electric (Heating --- )
82Filaments for electric lamps Filaments (Magnesium --- ) for
84Filters (Coffee --- ), electric Filters for air conditioning Filters for drinking water Filters [parts of household or
85industrial installations]
86Fire bars
87Fireplaces [domestic] Fittings (Bath --- )
88Fittings, shaped, for furnaces Fittings, shaped, for ovens Flare stacks for use in the oil industry
90Flashlights [torches] Flues (Chimney --- ) Flues for heating boilers Flushing apparatus Flushing tanks
91Footmuffs, electrically heated Footwarmers [electric or non- electric]
92Forage drying apparatus Forges, portable Fountains
93Fountains (Ornamental --- ) Framework of metal for ovens Freezers
94Friction lighters for igniting gas Fruit roasters
95Fuel economisers * Fumigation apparatus, not for medical purposes
96Furnace ash boxes Furnace grates Furnaces
97Furnaces (Coolers for --- ) Furnaces (Cooling vats for --- )
98Furnaces (Loading apparatus for --- )
99Furnaces, other than for experimental purposes
100Furnaces (Shaped fittings for --- )
101Gas apparatus (Regulating and safety accessories for --- )
102Gas boilers Gas burners
103Gas burners (Brackets for --- )
104Gas condensers [other than parts of machines]
105Gas generators [installations] Gas lamps
106Gas lighters
107Gas pipes (Regulating and safety accessories for --- )
108Gas scrubbers [parts of gas installations]
109Gas scrubbing apparatus Generators (Acetylene --- )
110Generators (Gas --- ) [installations] Germicidal burners
111Germicidal lamps for purifying air Glue-heating appliances
112Grates (Furnace --- )
113Griddles [cooking appliances] Grills [cooking appliances] Guard devices for lighting Hair driers [dryers]
114Hand drying apparatus for washrooms
115Hangings for lamps Headlights for automobiles Hearths
116Heat accumulators
117Heat exchangers [not parts of machines]
118Heat pumps
119Heat regenerators
120Heaters, electric, for feeding bottles Heaters for baths
121Heaters for heating irons Heaters for vehicles Heaters (Immersion --- ) Heating apparatus Heating apparatus, electric
122Heating apparatus for defrosting windows of vehicles
123Heating apparatus for solid, liquid or gaseous fuels
124Heating boilers
125Heating cushions [pads], electric, not for medical purposes
126Heating elements Heating filaments, electric Heating installations
127Heating installations (Hot water --- ) Heating installations [water] Heating plates
128Hoods (Extractor --- ) for kitchens Hot air apparatus
129Hot air bath fittings Hot air ovens
130Hot plates
131Hot water bottles
132House numbers (Luminous --- )
133Humidifiers for central heating radiators
134Hydrants Ice boxes Ice chests
135Ice machines and apparatus Immersion heaters Incandescent burners Incinerators
136Ionisation apparatus for the treatment of air
137Kettles, electric
138Kiln furniture [supports]
140Kitchen ranges [ovens] Laboratory burners Laboratory lamps Lamp casings
141Lamp chimneys Lamp glasses Lamp globes
142Lamp hanging supports Lamp mantles
143Lamp reflectors Lamp shades Lamps
144Lamps (Burners for --- ) Lamps (Electric --- )
145Lamps for directional signals of automobiles
146Lamps (Globes for --- ) Lampshade holders Lanterns
147Lanterns for lighting Laundry dryers, electric Laundry room boilers
148Lava rocks for use in barbecue grills
149Level controlling valves in tanks Light bulbs
150Light bulbs, electric
151Light bulbs for directional signals for vehicles
152Light diffusers Lighters * Lighters (Gas --- )
153Lighting apparatus and installations Lighting apparatus for vehicles Lighting installations for air vehicles Lights (Diving --- )
154Lights, electric, for Christmas trees Lights for automobiles
155Lights for vehicles
156Loading apparatus for furnaces Luminous house numbers Luminous tubes for lighting Magnesium filaments for lighting Malt roasters
157Microwave ovens [cooking apparatus]
158Milk cooling installations Miners’ lamps
159Mixer taps for water pipes Nozzles (Anti-splash tap --- )
160Nuclear fuel and nuclear moderating material (Installations for processing --- )
161Nuclear reactors Oil burners
162Oil lamps
163Oil-scrubbing apparatus Ornamental fountains
164Oven fittings made of fireclay Ovens, other than for experimental purposes
165Ovens (Shaped fittings for --- ) Oxhydrogen burners
166Pads [cushions] (Heating --- ), electric, not for medical purposes
168Percolators (Coffee --- ), electric Petrol burners
169Pipe line cocks [spigots]
170Pipes [parts of sanitary installations]
171Plate warmers Plates (Hot --- ) Pocket searchlights
172Pocket torches, electric Pocket warmers Polymerisation installations Pouches (Disposable sterilization --- )
173Pressure cookers [autoclaves], electric
174Pressure cooking saucepans, electric
175Pressure water tanks
176Processing installations for fuel and nuclear moderating material
177Projector lamps
178Purification installations for sewage Radiator caps
179Radiators, electric Radiators [heating] Reactors (Nuclear --- )
180Refining towers for distillation Reflectors (Lamp --- ) Reflectors (Vehicle --- )
181Refrigerating apparatus and machines
182Refrigerating appliances and installations
183Refrigerating cabinets Refrigerating chambers Refrigerating containers Refrigerators Regenerators (Heat --- )
184Regulating accessories for water or gas apparatus and pipes
185Regulating and safety accessories for gas apparatus
186Regulating and safety accessories for gas pipes
187Regulating and safety accessories for water apparatus
188Reheaters (Air --- ) Roasters
189Roasters (Coffee --- ) Roasting apparatus Roasting jacks Roasting spits
191Safety accessories for water or gas apparatus and pipes
192Safety lamps
193Sanitary apparatus and installations Saucepans (Pressure cooking --- ), electric
194Sauna bath installations Scrubbers [parts of gas installations]
195Searchlights Seats (Toilet --- )
196Sewage (Purification installations for --- )
197Shower cubicles [enclosures (Am.)] Showers
199Sitz-baths (Bath tubs for --- ) Sockets for electric lights Softening apparatus (Water --- ) Solar collectors [heating]
200Solar furnaces Soldering lamps Spa baths [vessels]
201Stacks (Flare --- ) for use in oil refineries
202Standard lamps Steam accumulators
203Steam boilers [other than parts of machines]
204Steam facial apparatus [saunas] Steam generating installations Sterilizers
205Stills * Stoves
206Stoves [heating apparatus] Street lamps
207Structural plates for ovens Swimming pools chlorinating units Tanning apparatus [sun beds]
208Taps [cocks, spigots] [faucets (Am.)] for pipes
209Taps [faucets] * Thermostatic valves [parts of
210heating installations]
212Tobacco (Cooling installations for --- )
213Tobacco roasters Toilet bowls Toilet seats Toilets, portable
214Toilets [water-closets] Torches for lighting Torches (Pocket --- ), electric
215Tubes (Discharge --- ), electric, for lighting
216Tubes (Luminous --- ) for lighting Turkish bath cabinets, portable
217Ultraviolet ray lamps, not for medical purposes
218Urinals [sanitary fixtures]
219Valves (Level controlling --- ) in tanks Valves (Thermostatic --- ) [parts of heating installations]
220Vehicle headlights Vehicle reflectors
221Vehicles (Air conditioners for --- ) Vehicles (Anti-dazzle devices for --- ) [lamp fittings]
222Vehicles (Defrosters for --- )
223Vehicles (Heating apparatus for defrosting windows of --- )
224Vehicles (Lighting apparatus for --- ) Vehicles (Lights for --- )
225Ventilation [air-conditioning] installations and apparatus Ventilation [air-conditioning] installations for vehicles
226Ventilation hoods
227Ventilation hoods for laboratories Waffle irons, electric
228Walk-in refrigerators Warming pans Washers for water taps
229Wash-hand basins [parts of sanitary installations]
230Wash-hand bowls [parts of sanitary installations]
231Washing coppers Washrooms (Hand drying apparatus for --- )
232Water closets
233Water conduits installations Water distribution installations Water filtering apparatus Water flushing installations Water heaters
234Water heaters [apparatus] Water intake apparatus
235Water or gas apparatus and pipes (Regulating accessories for --- )
236Water or gas apparatus and pipes (Safety accessories for --- )
237Water purification installations Water purifying apparatus and machines
238Water softening apparatus and installations
239Water sterilizers
240Water supply installations Watering installations, automatic Watering machines for agricultural purposes
241Water-pipes for sanitary installations
242Whirlpool-jet apparatus