Trademark Class 1: Chemicals

  • Chemicals used in industry, science and photography, as well as in agriculture, horticulture and forestry.
  • unprocessed artificial resins, unprocessed plastics.
  • manures.
  • fire extinguishing compositions.
  • tempering and soldering preparations.
  • chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs.
  • tanning substances.
  • adhesives used in industry

Explanatory Note Class 1 includes mainly chemical products used in industry, science and agriculture, including those which go to the making of products belonging to other classes.

This Class includes, in particular:
– compost
– salt for preserving other than for foodstuffs.

This Class does not include, in particular:
– raw natural resins (Cl. 2)
– chemical products for use in medical science (Cl. 5)
– fungicides, herbicides and preparations for destroying vermin (Cl. 5)
– adhesives for stationery or household purposes (Cl. 16)
 – salt for preserving foodstuffs (Cl. 30)
– straw mulch (Cl. 31).

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S. No


1Anti-sprouting preparations for vegetables
2Antistatic preparations, other than for household purposes
3Anti-tarnishing chemicals for windows
4Antranilic acid
6Arsenate (Lead --- )
8Arsenious acid
9Artificial resins, unprocessed
10 Artificial sweeteners [chemical preparations]
11Ash (Soda --- )
13Atomic piles (Fuel for --- )
14Auxiliary fluids for use with abrasives
15Bacterial preparations other than for medical and veterinary use
16Bactericides (Oenological --- ) [chemical preparations used in wine making]
17Bacteriological preparations for acetification
18Bacteriological preparations other than for medical and veterinary use
19Balm of gurjun [gurjon, gurjan] for making varnish
20Bandages (Adhesive preparations for surgical --- )
22Barium compounds Barium sulphate
24Baryta paper
26Bases [chemical preparations]
27Basic gallate of bismuth
28Bate for dressing skins
29Baths (Fixing --- ) [photography]
30Baths for galvanizing
31Baths (Toning --- ) [photography]
32Batteries (Acidulated water for recharging --- )
33Batteries (Anti-frothing solutions for --- )
34Batteries (Liquids for removing sulphates from --- )
35Batteries (Salts for galvanic --- )
37Beer preserving agents
38Beer-clarifying and preserving agents
40Benzene derivatives Benzene (Methyl --- ) Benzene-based acids
41Benzoic acid
42Benzoic sulphinide
43Benzol (Methyl --- )
45Bicarbonate of soda for chemical purposes
46Bichloride of tin
47Bichromate of potassium
48Bichromate of soda
49Billposting (Adhesives for --- )
50Binding substances (Foundry --- )
51Biochemical catalysts
52Biological preparations [other than for medical or veterinary purposes]
55Bismuth (Basic gallate of --- )
56Bismuth nitrite for chemical purposes
57Black (Lamp --- ) for industrial purposes
58Bleaching chemicals (Fat )
59Bleaching chemicals (Oil )
60Bleaching chemicals (Organic )
61Bleaching chemicals (Wax )
62Bleaching preparations [decolorants] for industrial purposes
63Blood charcoal
64Blueprint cloth
65Blueprint paper
66Bone charcoal
67Boots (Cement for )
69Boric acid for industrial purposes
70Brake fluid
71Brazing fluxes
72Brazing preparations
73Brickwork preservatives, except paints and oils
74Brightening chemicals (Color- [colour-] ) for industrial purposes
75Bromine for chemical purposes
76By-products of the processing of cereals for industrial purposes
78Calcined soda
79Calcium carbide
80Calcium cyanamide [fertilizer]
81Calcium salts
83Camphor, for industrial purposes
85Carbolineum for the protection of plants
87Carbon black for industrial purposes
88Carbon for filters
89Carbon preparations (Animal --- )
90Carbon sulphide
91Carbon tetrachloride Carbonates Carbonic acid Carbonic hydrates
92Carbons (Activated --- ) Casein for industrial purposes Cassiopium [lutetium] Catalysts
93Catechu Caustic alkali
94Caustic soda for industrial purposes Caustics for industrial purposes Cellulose
95Cellulose (Acetate of --- ), unprocessed
96Cellulose derivatives [chemicals]
97Cellulose esters for industrial purposes
98Cellulose ethers for industrial purposes
99Cement for boots and shoes Cement for mending broken articles Cement for pneumatic tires [tyres] Cement [metallurgy]
100Cement preservatives, except paints and oils
101Cement-waterproofing preparations, except paints
102Ceramic compositions for sintering [granules and powders]
103Ceramic glazings
104Ceramic materials in particulate form, for use as filtering media Ceramics (Compositions for the
105manufacture of technical --- )
106Cereals (By-products of the processing of --- ) for industrial purposes
108Charcoal (Animal --- ) Charcoal (Blood --- ) Charcoal (Bone --- )
109Chemical elements (Fissionable --- ) Chemical intensifiers for paper Chemical intensifiers for rubber Chemical preparations for
110facilitating the alloying of metals
111Chemical preparations for scientific purposes [other than for medical or veterinary use]
112Chemical reagents [other than for medical or veterinary purposes]
113Chemical substances for analyses in laboratories [other than for medical or veterinary purposes]
114Chemicals (Agricultural --- ), except fungicides, weedkillers, herbicides, insecticides and parasiticides
115Chemicals for forestry, except fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and parasiticides
116Chemicals (Industrial --- ) Chimney cleaners, chemical China slip
117Chlorates Chlorides Chlorine Cholic acid Chromates Chrome alum Chrome salts Chromic acid Chromic salts
118Chromium oxide Cinematographic film, sensitized
119but not exposed
120Citric acid for industrial purposes Clarification preparations
121Clay (China --- )
122Cleaners, chemical (Chimney --- ) Cloth (Blueprint --- )
123Coal saving preparations
124Cobalt oxide for industrial purposes Collodion *
125Color-brightening chemicals for industrial purposes
126Coloring metal (Salts for --- )
127Colour-brightening chemicals for industrial purposes
128Colouring metal (Salts for --- )
129Combusting preparations [chemical additives to motor fuel]
130Compositions for the manufacture of phonograph records
132Concrete (Agglutinants for --- )
133Concrete preservatives, except paints and oils
134Concrete-aeration chemicals Condensation preparations
135(Chemical --- )
136Condensation-preventing chemicals Cooking (Preparations for
137stimulating --- ) for industrial
139Coolants (Anti-boil preparations for engine --- )
140Coolants for vehicle engines Copper sulphate [vitriol] Corrosive preparations Cream of tartar, other than for
141pharmaceutical purposes
142Creosote for chemical purposes Crotonic aldehyde
143Cryogenic preparations
144Cultures of microorganisms other than for medical and veterinary use
146Currying preparations for leather Currying preparations for skins Cyanides [prussiates] Cyanotyping (Solutions for --- ) Cymene
147Damp proofing preparations, except paints, for masonry
148Decarbonising engines (Chemical preparations for --- )
149Decolorants for industrial purposes Defoliants
150Degreasing preparations for use in manufacturing processes
151Degumming preparations Dehydrating preparations for
152industrial purposes
153Detergent additives to petrol [gasoline]
154Detergents for use in manufacturing processes
155Developers (Photographic --- ) Dextrine size
156Diagnostic preparations, other than for medical or veterinary purposes
157Diastase for industrial purposes Diatomaceous earth
158Diazo paper
159Dioxalate (Potassium --- ) Dioxide of hydrogen
160Dioxide (Titanium --- ) for industrial purposes
161Disincrustants Dispersants (Oil --- ) Dispersants (Petroleum --- ) Dispersions of plastics Distilled water
162Dolomite for industrial purposes Dressing and finishing preparations
163for textiles
164Dressing chemicals (Leather )
165Dressing, except oils, for skins Drilling muds
166Drilling muds (Chemical additives to )
167Dry ice [carbon dioxide] Dysprosium
168Earth (Diatomaceous )
169Earth for growing Earths (Metal )
170Earths (Rare )
171Emollients for industrial purposes Emulsifiers
172Emulsions (Photographic )
173Enamel (Chemical preparations, except pigments, for the manufacture of --- )
174Enamel (Opacifiers for --- ) Enamel-staining chemicals Engine coolants (Anti-boil
175preparations for --- )
176Engine-decarbonising chemicals Engines (Coolants for vehicle --- )
177Enzyme preparations for industrial purposes
178Enzymes for industrial purposes Epoxy resins, unprocessed Erbium
179Esters * Ethane Ethers * Ethyl alcohol Ethyl ether Europium
180Exchangers (Ion --- ) [chemicals] Extinguishing compositions (Fire --- )
181Fabrics (Stain-preventing chemicals for use on --- )
182Fat-bleaching chemicals Fatty acids
183Fermenting wine (Chemicals used in --- )
184Ferments for chemical purposes Ferments (Milk --- ) for chemical
186Fermium Ferrocyanides
187Ferrotype plates [photography] Fertilizers
188Fertilizing preparations
189Fillers (Tree cavity --- ) [forestry] Films (Sensitized --- ), unexposed Filtering materials [chemical
191Filtering materials [mineral substances]
192Filtering materials [unprocessed plastics]
193Filtering materials [vegetable substances]
194Filtering media (Ceramic materials in particulate form, for use as --- )
195Filtering preparations for the beverages industry
196Fining preparation (Must )
197Finings (Wine )
198Finishing preparations for use in the manufacture of steel
199Fire extinguishing compositions Fireproofing preparations Fissionable chemical elements Fissionable material for nuclear
201Fixing baths [photography]
202Fixing solutions [photography] Flashlight preparations Flocculants
203Flour for industrial purposes Flower preservatives
204Flowers of sulphur for chemical purposes
205Fluid (Power steering --- ) Fluid (Transmission --- ) Fluids (Brake --- )
206Fluids for hydraulic circuits Fluids for use with abrasives
207(Auxiliary --- )
209Fluorspar compounds Fluxes (Brazing --- ) Fluxes (Soldering --- )
210Foodstuffs (Chemical substances for preserving --- )
211Forestry (Chemicals for --- ), except fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and parasiticides
212Formic acid
213Formic aldehyde for chemical purposes
214Foundry molding [moulding] preparations
215Foundry sand Francium
216Frosting chemicals (Glass --- )
217Fruit (Hormones for hastening the ripening of --- )
218Fuel for atomic piles Fuel-saving preparations
219Fuller’s earth for use in textile industry
220Fulling preparations
221Fulling preparations for use in textile industry
222Fungicides (Chemical additives to --- )
224Gallate (Basic --- ) of bismuth Gallic acid for the manufacture of
226Gallium Gallnuts Gallotannic acid
227Galvanizing baths Galvanizing preparations Gambier
228Gas propellents for aerosols Gas purifying preparations Gases (Protective --- ) for welding Gases (Solidified --- ) for industrial
230Gasoline (Detergent additives to --- ) Gelatine for industrial purposes Gelatine for photographic purposes
231Getters [chemically active substances]
232Glass (Opacifiers for --- )
233Glass (Preparations for preventing the tarnishing of --- )
234Glass (Water --- ) [soluble glass] Glass-frosting chemicals Glass-staining chemicals Glazings (Ceramic --- )
235Glucose for industrial purposes Glucosides
236Glue for industrial purposes Gluten [glue], other than for
237stationery or household purposes
238Glutinous tree-banding preparations
239Glutinous tree-grafting preparations Glycerides
240Glycerine for industrial purposes Glycol
241Glycol ether Gold salts
242Grafting mastic for trees Grafting wax for trees
243Graphite for industrial purposes Grease-removing preparations for
244use in manufacturing processes
245Greases (Preparations for the separation of --- )
246Growth regulating preparations (Plant --- )
248Gum arabic for industrial purposes Gum solvents
249Gum (Tragacanth --- ) for use in manufactures
250Gums [adhesives] other than for stationery or household purposes
251Gurjun [gurjon, gurjan] (Balm of --- ) for making varnish
252Hardening preparations (Metal --- )
253Hardening substances (Limestone --- )
254Heavy water Helium Holmium
255Hormones for hastening the ripening of fruit
256Horticulture chemicals, except fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and parasiticides
258Humus top dressing Hydrates
259Hydraulic circuits (Fluids for --- ) Hydraulic circuits (Liquids for --- ) Hydrazine
260Hydrochlorates Hydrochloric acid Hydrofluoric acid
261Hydrogen Hydrogen peroxide
262Hypochlorite of soda Hyposulphites
263Ice (Dry --- ) [carbon dioxide] Impregnating chemicals (Leather-
264--- )
265Impregnating chemicals (Textile )
266Industrial chemicals Inner tubes of tires [tyres]
267(Compositions for repairing )
268Insecticides (Chemical additives to )
269Internal combustion engines (Anti- knock substances for )
270Iodic acid
271Iodine for chemical purposes Iodine for industrial purposes Iodised albumen
272Iodised salts
273Ion exchangers [chemical preparations]
274Iron salts
275Isinglass other than for stationery, household or alimentary purposes
276Isotopes for industrial purposes Kainite
277Kaolin Ketones Kieselgur Krypton Lactic acid
278Lamp black for industrial purposes Lanthanum
279Lead acetate Lead arsenate Lead oxide
280Leather (Currying preparations for )
281Leather glues Leather (Mastic for )
282Leather-dressing chemicals Leather-impregnating chemicals Leather-renovating chemicals Leather-waterproofing chemicals Lecithin [raw material]
283Lenses (Preparations for preventing the tarnishing of )
284Lime acetate Lime carbonate Lime chloride
285Lime (Nitrogenous ) [manure]
286Limestone hardening substances Liquid rubber
287Liquids for removing sulphates from accumulators
288Liquids for removing sulphates from batteries
289Liquifying chemicals (Starch )
290[ungluing agents]
291Lithia [lithium oxide] Lithium
292Litmus paper Loam
293Lutetium [cassiopium] Magnesite Magnesium carbonate Magnesium chloride
294Magnetic fluid for industrial purposes
295Malt albumen Manganate Manganese dioxide
296Mangrove bark for industrial purposes
297Manure for agriculture Masonry preservatives, except
298paints and oils
299Mastic for leather Mastic for tires [tyres]
300Mastic (Grafting --- ) for trees Meat (Chemical preparations for
301smoking --- )
302Meat tenderizers for industrial purposes
303Mercuric oxide Mercury Mercury salts
304Metal annealing preparations Metal earths
305Metal hardening preparations Metal tempering preparations Metalloids
306Metals (Alkaline --- ) Metals (Alkaline-earth --- ) Methane
307Methyl benzene Methyl benzol Methyl ether
308Microorganisms (Cultures of --- ) other than for medical and veterinary use
309Microorganisms (Preparations of --- ) other than for medical and veterinary use
310Mildew (Chemical preparations to prevent --- )
311Milk ferments for chemical purposes
312Mineral acids
313Moderating materials for nuclear reactors
314Moistening [wetting] preparations for use in bleaching
315Moistening [wetting] preparations for use in dyeing
316Moistening [wetting] preparations for use in the textile industry
317Molding preparations (Foundry --- ) Mold-release preparations
318Mordants for metals
319Motor fuel (Chemical additives to --- ) Moulding preparations (Foundry --- ) Mould-release preparations
320Muds (Drilling --- )
321Must-fining preparations Naphthalene Neodymium
322Neon Neptunium
323Neutralizers (Toxic gas --- ) Nitrate of uranium
324Nitrate paper Nitrates Nitric acid
325Nitric monoxide
326Nitrite (Bismuth --- ) for chemical purposes
328Nitrogenous fertilisers Nitrogenous lime [manure] Nitrous oxide
329Nuclear reactors (Moderating materials for --- )
330Nuts (Gall --- )
331Oenological bactericides [chemical preparations used in wine making]
332Oil dispersants
333Oil (Synthetic materials for absorbing --- )
334Oil-bleaching chemicals Oil-purifying chemicals Oils for currying leather
335Oils for preparing leather in the course of manufacture
336Oils for tanning leather
337Oils for the preservation of food Oil-separating chemicals
338Oleic acid
339Olivine [chemical preparations] Opacifiers for enamel or glass Organic-bleaching chemicals Oxalates
340Oxalic acid Oxygen
341Paints (Chemical preparations for the manufacture of --- )
342Palladious chlorides Paper pulp
343Paperhanging (Adhesives for --- ) Papers (Diazo --- )
344Peat [fertiliser]
345Peat pots for horticulture Pectin [photography] Perborate of soda Percarbonates Perchlorates Persulphates Persulphuric acid
346Petroleum dispersants Phenol for industrial purposes
347Phonograph records (Compositions for the manufacture of --- )
348Phonograph records (Renovating preparations for --- )
349Phosphates [fertilisers] Phosphatides Phosphoric acid Phosphorus Photographic developers Photographic emulsions Photographic paper Photographic sensitizers Photography (Chemical
350preparations for use in --- )
351Photography (Reducing agents for use in --- )
352Photometric paper Photosensitive plates Picric acid
353Pigments (Chemical preparations for the manufacture of --- )
354Plant growth regulating preparations
356Plastics (Dispersions of --- ) Plastics, unprocessed Plastisols
357Plates for offset printing (Sensitized --- )
358Plates (Photosensitive --- )
359Plates (Sensitized photographic --- ) Plutonium
360Polish removing substances Polonium
361Potash Potash water Potassium
362Potassium dioxalate
363Potato flour for industrial purposes Pots (Peat --- ) for horticulture Potting soil
364Power steering fluid Praseodymium
365Precious metals (Salts of --- ) for industrial purposes
366Preservatives (Brickwork --- ), except paints and oils
367Preservatives (Cement --- ), except paints and oils
368Preservatives (Concrete --- ), except paints and oils
369Preservatives (Flower --- )
370Preservatives for pharmaceutical preparations
371Preservatives for tiles, except paints and oils
372Preservatives (Masonry --- ), except paints and oils
373Preserving foodstuffs (Chemical substances for --- )
374Preserving (Salt for --- ), other than for foodstuffs
375Printing plates (Sensitized --- ) for offset
376Promethium Protactinium
377Protective gases for welding Protein [raw material] Prussiates
378Pulp (Paper --- )
379Pulp (Wood --- )
380Purification of gas (Preparations for the --- )
381Purification preparations Purifying chemicals (Oil )
382Purifying chemicals (Water )
383Pyrogallic acid
384Pyroligneous acid [wood vinegar] Quebracho for industrial purposes Radiator flushing chemicals Radioactive elements for scientific
386Radium for scientific purposes Radon
387Rare earth metals (Salts from )
388Rare earths Reagent paper
389Reagents (Chemical ) other than
390for medical or veterinary purposes Recharging accumulators
391(Acidulated water for )
392Records (Renovating preparations for phonograph )
393Reducing agents for use in photography
395Refrigerating preparations Removing polish (Substances for )
396Renovating chemicals (Leather )
397Renovating preparations for phonograph records
398Repairing tires [tyres] (Compositions for )
399Resins (Acrylic ), unprocessed
400Resins (Artificial ), unprocessed
401Resins (Epoxy ), unprocessed
402Resins (Synthetic ), unprocessed
403Rhenium Rock salt
404Roentgen films, sensitized but not exposed
405Rubber (Liquid )
406Rubber preservatives Rubber solutions Rubidium
407Runs in stockings (Substances for preventing )
409Sal ammoniac
410Sal ammoniac spirits Salicylic acid Salpetre
411Salt for preserving, other than for foodstuffs
412Salt, raw Saltpeter
413Salts [chemical preparations] Salts [fertilisers]
414Salts for coloring [colouring] metal Salts for galvanic cells
415Salts for industrial purposes Salts from rare earth metals Salts of alkaline metals Salts of precious metals for
416industrial purposes
418Sand (Foundry --- )
419Sauce for preparing tobacco
420Scale removing preparations, other than for household purposes
422Sea water [for industrial purposes] Seaweeds [fertilizers]
423Sebacic acid
424Seed preserving substances Selenium
425Self defence (Chemical preparations for --- )
426Self-toning paper [photography] Sensitized cloth for photography Sensitized films, unexposed Sensitized paper
427Sensitized photographic plates Sensitized plates for offset printing Sensitizers (Photographic --- )
428Separating and unsticking [ungluing] preparations
429Shoes (Cement for --- ) Silicates
430Silicon Silicones Silver nitrate
431Silver salt solutions for silvering Sintering (Ceramic compositions for --- ) [granules and powders]
432Size for finishing and priming Sizing preparations
433Skins (Currying preparations for --- ) Skins (Dressing, except oils, for --- ) Slag [fertilisers]
434Smoking meat (Chemical preparations for --- )
435Soap [metallic] for industrial purposes
436Soda ash
437Soda (Calcined --- ) Sodium
438Sodium salts [chemical preparations]
439Softening preparations (Water --- ) Soil-conditioning chemicals Soldering chemicals
440Soldering fluxes
441Solidified gases for industrial purposes
442Solvents for varnishes
443Soot for industrial or agricultural purposes
444Sorrel salt
445Spinel [chemical preparations] Spirits of salt
446Spirits of vinegar [dilute acetic acid]
447Staining-chemicals (Enamel and glass )
448Stain-preventing chemicals for use on fabrics
449Starch for industrial purposes Starch paste [adhesive], other than
450for stationery or household
452Starch size [chemical preparations]
453Starch-liquifying chemicals [ungluing agents]
454Stearic acid
455Steel (Finishing preparations for use in the manufacture of )
456Stockings (Substances for preventing runs in )
458Substrates for soil-free growing [agriculture]
459Sulphates Sulphides Sulphonic acids Sulphur Sulphuric acid Sulphuric ether Sulphurous acid
460Sumac for use in tanning Superphosphates [fertilisers] Surface-active chemical agents Surgical bandages (Adhesive
461preparations for )
462Sweeteners (Artificial ) [chemical
464Synthetic resins, unprocessed Talc [magnesium silicate]
466Tannic acid Tannin
467Tanning substances Tan-wood
468Tapioca flour for industrial purposes Tartar other than for
469pharmaceutical purposes
470Tartaric acid Technetium
472Tempering preparations (Metal --- ) Tensio-active agents
474Test paper, chemical Tetrachlorides
475Textile-brightening chemicals Textile-impregnating chemicals Textile-waterproofing chemicals Thallium
476Thiocarbanilide Thorium
477Threading (Compositions for --- ) Thulium
478Tiles (Preservatives for --- ), except paints and oils
479Tire repairing compositions Tires (Mastic for --- ) Titanite
480Titanium dioxide for industrial purposes
481Tobacco (Sauce for preparing --- ) Toluene
483Toning baths [photography] Toning salts [photography] Toxic gas neutralizers
484Trace elements (Preparations of --- ) for plants
485Tragacanth gum for use in manufactures
486Transmission fluid
487Tree cavity fillers [forestry]
488Tree-banding (Glutinous preparations for --- )
489Tree-grafting (Glutinous preparations for --- )
490Tungstic acid
491Tyre repairing compositions Tyres (Mastic for --- )
492Ungluing agents [chemical preparations for liquifying starch]
493Ungluing preparations Unsticking and separating
495Uranium Uranium oxide
496Varnishes (Solvents for --- ) Vehicle engines (Coolants for --- )
497Vine disease preventing chemicals Vinegar (Wood --- ) [pyroligneous
499Vinic alcohol Viscose Vitriol
500Volatile alkali [ammonia] for industrial purposes
501Vulcanisation accelerators
502Vulcanising preparations Wall tiles (Adhesives for --- )
503Wallpaper (Adhesives for --- )
504Water (Acidulated --- ) for recharging accumulators
505Water (Distilled --- )
506Water glass [soluble glass] Water (Heavy --- )
507Water purifying chemicals Water (Sea --- ) [for industrial
509Waterproofing chemicals (Cement-
510--- ), except paints
511Waterproofing chemicals (Leather-
512--- )
513Waterproofing chemicals (Textile-
514--- )
515Water-softening preparations Wax (Grafting --- ) for trees Wax-bleaching chemicals Welding chemicals
516Welding (Protective gases for --- )
517Wetting preparations for use in bleaching
518Wetting preparations for use in dyeing
519Wetting preparations for use in the textile industry
520Wheat blight [smut] (Chemical preparations for protection against --- )
521Wheat smut (Chemical preparations to prevent --- )
522Windows (Anti-tarnishing chemicals for --- )
523Wine (Chemicals used in fermenting --- )
524Wine finings Witherite Wood alcohol
525Wood alcohol (Preparations of the distillation of --- )
526Wood pulp Wood (Tan --- )
527Wood vinegar [pyroligneous acid] Xenon
528X-ray films, sensitized but not exposed
529Ytterbium Yttrium Zirconia