Section 8 Company Registration

Section 8 Company Registration in Moradabad

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Business starter helps you to register a Section 8 Company. We provide our support in documentation, preparation, filing and subsequent Follow-up with ROC dealt by our professionals within a short time frame.

Section 8 Company Registration

We will do the following:

> Sec 8 Incorporation
> Monthly Compliance
> Income tax Compliance
> Strategic Guidance
> Updating on new law
> ROC Filing
> Provide NGO License for Funding
> Helps to provide 12A & 80G Approval
> Handling & Planning how to Run Sec 8 as NGO.

Meaning of section 8 company

Section 8 company is a non-profit company established to promote specific objectives.

Among other form of NPOs, Section 8 company would be the best if you want to deal in wide area with variety of activities.

A company with objectives of promoting arts, commerce, education, charity, protection of environment, sports, science, research, social welfare, religion and intends to use its profits (if any) or other income can get registration under section 8 of the companies act as a non-profit organisation.

What do you Get in Section 8 Company with our Services:

> One Run Application Form

> Director Identification Number

> Digital Signature Certificate

> Certificate of Incorporations

> Section 8 License

> Memorandum of Association

> The Article of Association

> Permanent Account Number

> Tax Deduction Account Number

> Share Certificate

> Upto 5 Lakhs Authorised Capital

> Board Resolution for opening current A/c

What is the Procedures for section 8 company in Moradabad

The procedure for registration of a Section 8 company is very elaborate and requires printed memorandum of association and articles of association to be filed with the Registrar of Companies with all the provisions as prescribed in the Act. The Board of Directors of a company is elected by its shareholders and the directors themselves can be shareholders.

1. Apply for DSC, DIN for the directors

2. Apply for name approval of the section 8 company

3. MOA and AOA drafting

4. Required License Application

5. Company incorporation application

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What are the Benefits of Section 8 Company Registration

> Exemption from Stamp Duty.

> 12 A Registration for Income Tax Exemption.

> 80 G Tax deductions to the donors of the Company.

> More & Flexibility & credibility as compared to any other NGO structure like Trust or Society.

What are the Advantages of section 8 company registration in moradabad

> A company is the most appropriate form of organization for any economic activity.

> The board of directors are elected by the shareholders, and they themselves can be shareholders. NGOs involved in economic activity could also consider using the company as an

> Appropriate legal form, which is meant for profit-making economic activities.

> A Section 8 company can take advantage of various provisions available within the Income Tax Act which provide for tax exemptions.

What are the Documents Require for section 8 company in moradabad

I- Documents for individual stakeholder (Director / Nominee)

> Passport size photo
> PAN Card – self attested photocopy
> Aadhaar Card – self attested photocopy
> Bank statement – 1st and last copy of passbook

II- Documents of Registered office

> Address proof of office (Latest Bank Statement/ Mobile Bill/ Electricity Bill or Gas Bill.
> No objection certificate from property owner (in case of Rented property)
> Copy of sale deed in English (in case of owned property)

> The bill not be more than 2 months old.
> It shall be signed by the person whose name is mentioned in the bill.
> The copies shall be clear (preferably scan copy) and shall be self attested.

What Is the Cost of Company Registration In Moradabad?

Section 8 Companies generally cost about Rs 9000 INR as professional fees for getting a section 8 license and registration in moradabad. Business starter provide consultancy about all legal documents related company registration in moradabad.

Section 8 Company Consultant In Moradabad

Business starter providing registration services of section 8 under all kind of section 8 NGO registration methods under companies act 2013 and all kind of other process of registration in Moradabad.

Business starter provides documentation consultancy for Section 8 Registration additionally we get registration certificate for 12A and 80G under income tax act for tax rebate in donation receive and tax exemption for income of NGO after section 8 license. There are other many kind of ngo registration and documentation in Moradabad that they are required for working NGO’s in Moradabad that they are regular process of business starter licensing experts.

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